The Life of Stuff – One of Ireland’s Top Travel Bloggers!

Ireland’s Top Travel Bloggers

The Life of Stuff - One of Ireland's Top Travel Bloggers!

This news deserved its own blog post … so here it goes …

Yesterday the lovely Janet Newenham tagged me in a Facebook and Twitter update to let me know that she had included The Life of Stuff in her ‘Ireland’s TOP 14 Travel Bloggers‘ post on her fab travel blog ‘Journalist On The Run‘. I was chuffed and still am. To be included by her and be spotted alongside some of the biggest Irish blogger names makes me feel all warm inside.

Here are some screen shots of Janet’s post, click to zoom, for the full blog post visit Janet’s blog at and be sure to link in with her on Facebook and Twitter for updates on her travel adventures.

Today Janet tagged me in a Twitter notification to let me know that the HuffPost agrees that The Life of Stuff is one of ‘Ireland’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers‘ … all I can say is Thank you and WOW. To be recognised for my writing and my passion for travel is fantastic. Both Patrick and I have travelled quite extensively and I have only touched on some of the places we have visited. I plan on updating my ‘Five Fabulous Reasons to Visit’ series with lots more from our past and future Irish and International travel adventures.  I can’t wait to tell you all about scuba diving in Cairns, climbing Machu Picchu, getting soaked at the Iguazu Falls, playing James Bond in Monte Carlo, drinking Sake in Japan, teaching English in South Korea … and why after all our worldwide travels Ireland still offers us some of the best sunsets around!

Here are some screen shots of Janet’s article published on the HuffPost Lifestyle website, again click to zoom. For the full article you can visit

Now I’m off to happily update The Life of Stuff Press & PR page …

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