Fashion Fix – Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Under €50

Father’s Day June 21st 2015 – Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s exciting in our little household this year because it’s Patrick’s first Father’s Day. Baby Smith and I have our gifts all wrapped and hidden in the house for the past week or so … so we are on the ball. Now I just have to buy my own Dad a gift and we are away in a hack. 

If you are watching the purse strings this year, and feel you can’t get away with a handful of scratch cards in a card (classy I know), … or if the Dad in your life has enough socks to start up his own sock shop, then feast your eyes below for some fashionable gift ideas that will impress that lucky man and won’t break the bank doing so.

All stores can be found in Ireland, are online and deliver … make sure to give special attention to the Irish / Independent Retailers.

Fashion Fix - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Under €50

Father’s Day 

Ted Baker T-shirt with Chest Pocket in Navy
€49.00 –

Donegal Tweed Cap Green
€39.95 –

Hackett Classic Pine Handkerchief
€41.00 –

Long Fit Knitted Pullover
€39.95 –

Paul Costelloe Fox Head Cufflink Silver
€34.80 –

Selected Solid Denim Shirt
€39.95 –

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses
€17.00 –

Dyflin Candle
€40.00 –

… On the off chance that the Dad in your life doesn’t have enough socks, forget about that boring ol’ five pack and get a load of these …

Fashion Fix - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Under €50 - Socks

Father’s Day 

Odd Stripe Socks
€27.00 –

Spectrum Socks – Aqua
€16.95 –

Hackett Multi Block Socks
€20 –

Paul Smith – Spotted Socks
€25.00 –

Donegal Socks – Purple
€11.99 –

Happy Socks – Hawaii
€9.95 –

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  1. Funny how different the dates for Father’s and Mother’s Day are. In Germany Mother’s Day is on every second Sunday in May and Father’s Day on the 40th day after Easter we call it “Christi Himmelfahrt”. And I love the Tweed Cap. I’m just about to buy it for myself, haha.

    Love from Germany xx

  2. It is funny but it’s also great that we all have our own way of doing things … makes it interesting to learn about each others cultures … it’s why I love to travel!

    Thanks for reading The Life of Stuff 🙂

    Hope you love your hat 🙂

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