Travel Tip – Meeting Must Haves, The Checklist

Meeting Must Haves, The Checklist

Travel Tip - Meeting Must Haves, The Checklist

Last week and The Morgan Hotel, Dublin posed a question to us bloggers on twitter asking us for our ‘Meeting Must Have’s’. I replied to their tweet with ‘#meetingmusthaves – meeting brief, notebook, pen, phone, water and an open mind‘ but the more I thought about it, the more it became apparent to me that the word meeting can stand for many different occasions. Of course the first meeting that springs to mind, is a formal work meeting, a meeting with a future employer, employee or collaborator, perhaps a board meeting. But you can also have less informal meetings, take for example a meeting with your wedding vendor, or maybe a meeting with a band you’re hiring for a party. Last but not least there are meetings with family and friends. Think of the meetings of clans, near and distant relations with the same surname meeting for the first time, or family and friends that meet all the time.

Whichever meeting you are planning on it is always wise to plan ahead. You might only be travelling five minutes ‘down the road’ to your meeting or you could be flying a thousand miles to it, either way you need to have your meeting must haves. 

To make things a little easier on you for your next meeting. I’ve put together a Meeting Must Have Checklist, which by the way you can pin or save for the next time you need it. The checklist should be cross-checked the night before your meeting to help provide you with a nice a smooth experience.

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The Life of Stuff - Meeting Must Have's Checklist - Travel Tip 

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