Win a Limited Edition Vintage Values Poster

Vintage Values Classic Pamphlet Cover Design from 20th Century Ireland

Win a Limited Edition Vintage Values Poster

Last year’s Design Week in Dublin (November 2013) saw the launch of the Vintage Values Exhibition of 34 hig-res prints of pamphlet covers at the National Print Museum (a public first in 50 years!) and the launch of the Vintage Values Book which features 117 high quality images of a range of pamphlet covers.

I have to admit that although I consider myself a fan of Design Week and quite ‘with it’ when it comes to interesting launches in Dublin and it’s surrounds, I unfortunately missed both at the time. Fortunately however, Vintage Values didn’t escape my attention altogether and I was more than glad when I discovered some of the funniest, wackiest and possibly strange images and texts I would never expect to see in the window of what most of us would call a ‘holy’ shop but better known as Veritas on Abbey Street Lower.

These images and texts made up what was actually the Vintage Values Classic Pamphlet Cover posters and postcards. They were re-prints of covers from pamphlets produced by the Catholic Truth Society (Veritas) that parishes used between the 1920’s and 1960’s. The pamphlets offered help and advise to people about such things as marriage, sin, dating and the likes … and they were lively to say the least!

Encouraged by the talented Irish Artist Niall McCormack (he also wrote the introduction to the Vintage Values book) and project managed by the equally talented Veritas Art Director, Lir Mac Cárthaigh it is hoped that by reprinting and promoting these covers and bringing them back to life, will also bring to life a new appreciation for the talented artists who created them. The collection in all its uniqueness also gives insight into a period of Irish history and highlights the influence popular culture such as cinema, advertising and comic strips had on the artists at the time. What makes the pamphlet covers even more special is that although some of the texts were imported from the US of A, all the original artwork was created and printed in Ireland with the collection including work by esteemed Irish designers George Altendorf and Karl Uhlemann. Interesting.


Only 10 pamphlet covers have been printed as posters for purchase. Each poster is a Limited Edition of 500 prints. Each poster is hand-numbered. Each one is unique … and you have the opportunity to win one thanks to Vintage Values and with The Life of Stuff! Stick it on the wall, frame it or gift it … it will soon be yours! (Click the posters above to zoom)

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The closing date for entries is in two weeks, which is Thursday August 28th, 2014 and the winner will be notified by email by Friday August 29th. Open to all with postal addresses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In the meantime if you’d like to purchase one of the Limited Edition Posters, you can for €25.00. A Five Pack of postcards will only set you back €5.99 and the Vintage Values Book is an entertaining and visual read at €19.99. I’ve got one myself and love it.

For more information and to get shopping visit the Vintage Values website here

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