Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here’s How to Do It

Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here’s How to Do It

A good watch, (luxury watch) is an essential fashion accessory. But it’s very often more than just a timepiece – yes it can tell the time, but it can also complete your style, and most importantly it can remind you of specific personal memories.

If you just read a Patek Philippe 5975 buying guide and feel that you are ready to purchase a ‘good watch’, you need to be aware that a luxury watch needs some care.

Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here's How to Do It - Patek Philippe

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Here are simple watch care tips you should be aware of before making that special purchase:

4 Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Watch

Any watch – whether a men or ladies watch needs ultimate care. Follow these tips to take care of your watch.

1. Clean It, But Not With Soap

You wouldn’t want to step out of your house with a dirty outfit. So, what makes you comfortable wearing a dirty watch?

When going on with your daily tasks, small dirt particles can get inside the watch so you should clean your watch regularly. Use a piece of clean cloth, preferably a microfiber polishing type, to clean the watch.

Avoid using soap, as it can interfere with the watch’s functionality.

Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here's How to Do It - Longines

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2. Keep Your Watch Away from Water

Your timepiece is water-resistant, but that doesn’t give you the warrant to put it in water every other time. Whereas the watch may be highly resistant, the materials making the seals and gaskets are not. They will dry out, lowering the watch’s resistance.

If you are a regular swimmer or shower with your watch on, it is advisable to have its water resistance checked each year. Take it to your local watchmaker to establish whether its water resistance is still intact.

Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here's How to Do It - Rolex

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3. Be Careful When Changing the Straps

Your watch’s mechanism can get damaged by extreme shocks. If you feel that your watch’s straps have become old or have too many scratches, it is advisable to replace them. However, a lot of care is needed when replacing the straps to avoid causing more damage to the watch.

If you are doing it yourself, ensure that you know how to change the straps and have the right tools. It is recommendable to use a spring bar tool and not your kitchen knife. However, it would be best if you practiced the process with a lower-quality watch first.

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4. Regular Service

A watch’s teeth and cogs wear, and the lubricants dry. Given that a modern watch will make more than 691,000 beats in a day, it is only logical to appreciate it with regular service.

So, how do you know when your watch needs servicing? Simple, the symptoms will manifest themselves easily. Watch out for signs such as your watch being intolerably too fast or slow, or at its worst when it stops working.

Your Good Watch Needs Care – Here's How to Do It - Cartier

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Final Thoughts

Many of us have more than one watch, often to accessorise with certain outfits or activities. Investing in a ‘good watch’ is something we’ll all do at some time or another, some of us do it more than once, happy to create a collection. However if you are treating yourself to a good watch, or have been gifted one, it’s necessary to take care of it – because looking after it from the beginning will keep it functioning and in the best condition. So remember to:

  1. Clean your good watch the right way – not with soap.
  2. Keep wetting it to a minimum – have the water resistance checked.
  3. Change straps carefully whenever needed.
  4. Service it regularly.

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