What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom

Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom

If you’re planning to treat your young teen to a bit of a bedroom revamp this year, then read on. We bet all of these items are towards the top of their wish lists and with a little work, you’ll be able to design the bedroom of their dreams in no time at all. Here’s everything you need to create the ultimate boys’ bedroom.

What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom - Top Tips

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1. Multimedia Centre

A youngster’s bedroom is their place to chill out and relax so make sure that they have the technology that they need to be able to do just that. Start with the best bluetooth speaker money can buy to really treat your teen and allow them to listen to their favourite music from the comfort of their own bedroom by connecting their smartphone or computer.

What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom - Nintendo Switch


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Couple these with a games console and TV or monitor and your child will be one of the luckiest in their year! Kids love playing games like Fortnite on the Xbox or Playstation, or the Nintendo Switch which has an abundance of games to enjoy. Just remember that the key to allowing technology in their bedroom is all down to keeping a handle on screen-time. This is important for all ages, and technology must be balanced with a healthy dose of fresh air, exercise and social interactions.

2. Storage Solutions

Most teens tend to be messy youngsters with a shed load of stuff and not much of an incentive to keep it all tidied away. Therefore, invest in storage solutions so that there is always somewhere to store their possessions. Even if it’s something as simple as a laundry basket in the corner of the room, this will make the world of difference to keep your teenagers bedroom tidy, and might even incentivise them to clean once in a while too!

What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom - Storage

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Adding more storage to a bedroom can be really straightforward, it’s just about making the best use of space. If there’s room under the bed, then invest in some storage boxes to store and slide away some of their clutter whether it be books, musical instruments, trainers, or sports gear.

If your teen has taken the love of music to the next step, then providing space for their musical instruments is a must. Consider creating a ‘jamming’ corner of their room with shelves, stands or wall hooks for their decks or instruments – you could even consider soundproofing their internal walls – perfect for all the family when your teen is still learning.

What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom - Storage Solutions

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3. Artwork & Posters

If your teen is into music, sport or travel, then flooding the walls of his newly renovated bedroom with framed posters or artwork of their favourite bands or sportsperson, or dream destination is a great idea to really complete the room. For instance, if they’re a rugby fan, then why not opt for a framed photo of the Irish rugby team? Alternatively, if your teen has been inspired by your music tastes, then what about a framed poster of your favourite band as a teen? Nirvana?, Pearl Jam or The Prodigy?

What You Need To Create The Ultimate Teen Bedroom - Wall Art and Posters

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Having their idols and goals on their bedroom walls, whether singers, sportspeople or scientists, city or country … can really encourage teens to make something of themselves in later life and can serve as a source of inspiration.

Hopefully, these tips help you to carry out the best teen bedroom renovation for the youngster in your life. Remember, teens are ‘finding themselves’, so kit out their room with as much of what interests them as possible to make it the ultimate haven them to chill out and relax in. Technology, coupled with a load of storage solutions and some classy posters on their walls, some plants that clean the air we breathe and you’re just about there!

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