2015!!! Happy New Year from The Life of Stuff

2015 Here We Come!!!

2015!!! Happy New Year from The Life of Stuff2014 has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, ins and outs as I mentioned a few days ago in my Happy Christmas 2014 post but tonight as the clock strikes twelve we are entering into a brand new year … 2015, so let’s get ready to leave 2014 behind. Let’s reminisce on the good times and remember that the bad times have only made us stronger.

I did some reminiscing myself a little earlier as I put together a side-show of some of my favourite The Life of Stuff photo’s from 2014 … my goal for 2015 is to share lots more photographs as this is a personal blog after all! … and speaking of goals you may remember in January 2014, I posted ‘My Not So New New Year’s Resolutions 2014‘. I was a little hesitant to post resolutions as I am a believer of making changes in the now and making goals every day, not just once a year. Anyhoo … looking back over those resolutions has made me realise that I have achieved some and will be carrying over others to 2015 (I don’t want to use the word failed … carrying them over sounds much more pleasing to the ear).

Thank you one and all for reading and supporting The Life of Stuff. If there are posts you would like to see more of in 2015, whether it be more restaurant reviews, music recommendations, fashion blogs or travel tips, please let me know. I will be introducing a new Parenting Category as I am due Patrick and my first baby in a couple of months so expect to see news on that, however the blog will not become a mommy blog … I couldn’t constrain myself to just baby talk!

Best wishes for a happy New Year wherever you may celebrate it … 

Love from,

Edwina Elizabeth   


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