3 Magical Ideas To Refresh Your Garden This Summer

Ideas To Completely Refresh Your Garden This Summer

If you’re planning to spend lots of time in your garden this summer – and who isn’t – you might be thinking of giving it a bit of a refresh first. There’re so many ways you could improve your garden, from a simple tidy up, to completely new landscaping. But whatever you decide to do, these ideas could give you a bit of inspiration to get started.

3 Magical Ideas To Refresh Your Garden This Summer - Coastal Theme

Refresh Your Garden #1

Create a Coastal Themed Garden

If you fancy turning your garden into your summer getaway space, why not go for a coastal theme? Paint your shed to look like a beach hut and paint fences and walls in white or light pastels. Add driftwood sculptures and other sea-themed bits and pieces too.

You could add a decked area or add deckchairs to your seating area. Add some gravel or shingle to paths and planting areas too. Grasses and succulents are great for recreating a wild coastal landscape.

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3 Magical Ideas To Refresh Your Garden This Summer - Courtyard Garden Theme

Refresh Your Garden #2

Turn a Backyard into a Courtyard Garden

If you’re short on outdoor space and only have a small backyard or back garden to refresh. Don’t be disheartened, you can still get it ready for summer. And why not turn it into more of a courtyard garden? Many backyards are just a grey concrete area, that doesn’t look much like a garden. But creating a courtyard garden could be a good solution.

Sandstone or limestone paving blocks are a great base for this. You may need some help from a landscaping company to lay these, but block paving prices aren’t usually too expensive. This will give you a more rustic feel to your space, which will work well with lots of cottage garden flowers planted up in traditional terracotta pots.

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3 Magical Ideas To Refresh Your Garden This Summer - Wildlife- Friendly Garden

Refresh Your Garden #3

Make a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

Making a wildlife-friendly garden is a great way to get back to nature and feel good about yourself. You’ll need to think carefully about your planting for this. And you’ll need to get away from using weed killer or other chemicals too. But it’s a rewarding way to refresh your garden.

Look for plants that are not just attractive to bees but are also native species. Letting flowers die off naturally, rather than deadheading them could provide seeds for birds. Sunflowers are one of the easiest to grow and leave for birds. And if you’ve got bird feeders, providing green cover from trees or shrubs is a good idea. This natural cover will help many birds feel safer visiting your feeders. Finally, let a few nettles grow to encourage butterflies and insects, add wood piles for beetles or put up a bee hotel.

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Photos by Marina Khrapova – CCO Licence

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