5 Star Hotel Eurostars Berlin – Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Hotel Eurostars Berlin

Before Cassidy came into this world last Spring Patrick and I decided to treat ourselves, and Smith our toddler, to a Babymoon. Can you still call it a Babymoon if your toddler is in tow? Maybe I should just refer to it as a family holiday instead and forget the fad talk. Anyhoo we contemplated a week in the sun, picturing our little family of three, soon to be four lazing by the pool, but opted for a completely different experience and a city holiday instead. Germany was calling and the city of Berlin was our destination for five nights and six days. Deciding on what type of accommodation was easy. We wanted a hotel in a central location, and we wanted some luxury – who doesn’t love a little luxury, five months pregnant or not! And so we booked the 5 star Hotel Eurostars Berlin.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Located in what Eurostars Hotels describes as “the most prestigious business district of the city”, Hotel Eurostars Berlin was a doddle to get to from the airport. All we had to do was catch the train from Schönefeld Airport and take a 30/35 minute train ride to Friedrichstrasse Station. There were plenty of seats aboard the train, and ample room for a child’s stroller and luggage – which made the train ride an enjoyable one that allowed us to explore Berlin from our seats as it flew by the window. After disembarking and finding the correct exit, the hotel was a five-minute stroll away.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin was newly opened in 2011 and so with that age comes its modern style, which I enjoyed throughout my stay.

It was easy to spot the luxury touches by means of the artistic and sometimes exaggerated eccentric decor. However there was also no doubt in my opinion that the hotel is a modern luxury five-star business hotel, as opposed to a plush five-star luxury hotel – if that makes sense. For example the bar above was the only bar on site, not that we planned on testing out its high stools. Another example is that there was no ‘real’ restaurant in the hotel apart from a small area of the bar and lounge that was designated for dining.

But my five-star opinions and facility expectations aside – I particularly liked the atrium style of the building that allowed lots of natural light in, but also through the use of lighting created a different atmosphere once the darkness of night set in.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Breakfast was served each morning in a spacious dining room just off the lobby, and the breakfast options were varied and tasty – setting us up for the days of sightseeing ahead.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

We booked and stayed in a Junior Suite. Our view was a small uninteresting courtyard but as it was such a central location we hadn’t banked on it being a room with a view. The suite was spacious, modern and comfy.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The dining area I have to admit was rarely used as we dined out for the duration of our stay, however it offered adequate space should we have requested a high chair or room service. As well as the dining table and chairs it was also home to a sound system and cable T.V. (which was extremely limited when it came to English language channels), and a fully stocked bar.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The small internal corridor that led from the main door of the suite into the room was a big enough space to comfortably keep our stroller – meaning we could keep the suite clutter free.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The Living room area which included tea and coffee-making facilities led by sliding doors to the bedroom. The benefit of this to us meant we could keep Smith’s cot bed in the living room at night, giving both him and us more room, and us more privacy.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The little touches that you’d expect from a five-star establishment were there; such as the matching robes and slippers and the attention to detail of Smith’s cot bed – I just adored the bed linen and the baby box of toiletries.

The bathroom was a good size and kept in line with the modern feel of the suite, but it didn’t blow me away. A selection of toiletries is always a welcome sight but very much expected when staying in a luxury hotel.

We made use of the pool almost every day of our stay.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The advantages of it being reachable by escalator meant we could leave our room dressed in our swimwear and robes. And I just love a hassle free visit to and from the pool.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

The view of the rooftops of Berlin was also a welcome sight and a helpful one each day as we judged the weather from our morning swim.

Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Overall we were happy with our stay at Hotel Eurostars Berlin. As I mentioned the hotel is a five-star business hotel, so if staying there, don’t expect the same plushness or luxuriousness you may have experienced elsewhere (we’ve stayed in five-star establishments world-wide and the differences are hard to believe).

One thing I will say though is that the service we received did let the five-star experience down for us. What sticks with me are the following; when checking in, we weren’t offered assistance with our luggage (we probably would have declined but an offer is always expected). The concierge wasn’t available to ask advice about the city until midday (perhaps that was just the case when we visited as it might be considered off peak in October).

When I enquired about dining out locally, no advice could be given, and when I enquired about a renowned two Michelin starred restaurant, the receptionist had no knowledge of it (but she did come back to me about it and gratefully booked our table for us). Being a five star establishment to me means outstanding customer service, and this wasn’t evident through these examples. On the other hand the staff at breakfast every morning were fantastic – friendly, welcoming and professional. Each morning we were warmly greeted by the Supervisor on duty, Smith was treated to toys, and our coffee and toast were served with a smile – with an extra wide one for Smith.

Would I stay there again? I’d probably try somewhere different first but yes I would. The location is great. Getting to and from the airport is so easy. There are lots of shops and restaurants nearby. And for sightseeing – Museum Island and the Brandenburg Gate are just short walks away.

Would I visit the city again? – Oh Berlin – I can’t wait to return to you, because five nights and six days is not enough time to really explore you.

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PIN: 5 Star Hotel Eurostars Berlin – Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

5 Star Hotel Eurostars Berlin - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany*****

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