Lingerie – Don’t Forget About Your Main Wardrobe Staple

Lingerie: Your Main Wardrobe Staple

When it comes to updating your wardrobe, it is important not to forget your knickers. Hmm..let me rephrase that, what I meant to say was… When you buy new clothes it is important to update your lingerie drawer as well. If you do so and get it right you will look and feel good.

Lingerie - Don't Forget About Your Main Wardrobe Staple

Your Lingerie Is Your Foundation

This is because your lingerie forms the foundation on which the rest of your clothes sit. If you do not wear the right size and style of underwear, most of your clothes will not sit right on you. This can end up leaving you looking dumpy, frumpy and dishevelled even when you are wearing your very latest or most expensive outfit.

Take, for example, the dreaded muffin-top. Often, this unsightly bulge is not created by your trousers or skirt. Rather it is the fact that you are wearing a pair of pants that are one size too small that cuts across your hips pushing any fat up over the waistband and creating a bulge.

If you get the fit of your bra and pants right you will look so much better. Your body will have the support it needs and any bumps and bulges will be partially smoothed out making them far less noticeable.

Not to mention the fact that you will feel far more comfortable. Wearing a bra that cuts into you and leaves a big red mark is not pleasant.

Lingerie - Don't Forget About Your Main Wardrobe Staple

Getting The Fit Right

As you can see, getting the fit right is essential. Therefore, before going out to shop for lingerie it is wise to measure yourself. This is particularly important if you have gained or lost a lot of weight since the last time you went shopping. Or, indeed if you have recently started or changed your exercise regime. All of these things can change the shape of your body. So, it really makes sense to check your measurements. If you want to know the best way to measure yourself for new lingerie this video below is ideal.

Throw Away Your Old Items

Even if your existing lingerie still fits you well it may still need to be replaced. This is because no matter how careful you are about washing your bras and pants over time they lose their elasticity. When that happens, these items no longer provide you with sufficient support, so they really are useless. It can be hard to throw away a comfortable bra, but it is the best way to stop yourself from giving into temptation and continuing to wear it.

Lingerie - Don't Forget About Your Main Wardrobe Staple

Buying The Right Style Of Lingerie

When you go shopping for new lingerie take the time to think about what type of clothes you are likely to want to wear over the top. Taking this approach is the best way to buy the right cut. For example, if you like wearing plunging necklines, a balconette style bra is not going to be a good addition to your wardrobe. You would be far better off buying mainly bras with triangular-shaped cups.

Hopefully, this short post has inspired you to go through your lingerie drawer and throw all those old, worn out items that you have been hanging onto. Provided you replace them with good-quality bras and pants you will find that your clothes look much better on you and that you feel more comfortable as well.

Written by: Earlene Lee. Earlene is a freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Writer with a passion for style, and of course the right underwear.


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