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New Alka Selzer® Study “Seasonal Stress & Excess” Reveals scale of Christmas Stress amongst Irish adults


A new study by Alka-Seltzer ‘Christmas Stress & Excess’ reveals the extent of just how much of a headache the Christmas season is for triggering stress amongst Irish adults.  Surveying 1000 Irish people, the independent study found the following …

  • Almost half of Irish adults already stressing about Christmas (49%)
  • Middle aged cohort most stressed (75%)
  • Money worries top causes of Christmas stress (76%)
  • Seasonal stress affects more women than men (74% v 68%)  

According to the study findings, women between the ages of 32 and 50 juggling household budget and family duties, carry the biggest seasonal stress burden – 76% compared to an average of 63% of older and younger adult.  These women cited that the pressures of shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining on top of coping with role of chief financial officer for their household. Phew!

So lets get this straight … 1 in 2 adults (49 per cent) is stressing about Christmas with the vast majority of these (76 per cent) being anxious about pressures on personal finances at Christmas.

It really is a wonder we still call it the season of goodwill with all that pressure to spend money, the never-ending to-do list and the inevitable family squabbles.  So it’s no surprise that Christmas is also the peak season for tension headaches too.  

To help take the headache out of Christmas Alka-Seltzer has created a special Christmas Survival Kit. This kit contains a few essentials to get you through the silly season in one piece!

Alka Seltzer Christmas Survival Kit
Turkey bag – 6.01pm on Christmas Eve, every shop in the country is closed and you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten the turkey bag, not to worry, we’ll make sure you’re not stuffed!
Coffee sachet – Between heavy socialising, family reunions and seasonal sales, you may find your energy levels depleted. This coffee sachet will ensure you’ve got an instant caffeine fix..
Sewing Kit – Have you over indulged on the fabulous festive food- you might be finding your party dress a little snug at the seams. This sewing kit will be your new best friend!
Santa Stress Ball – Christmas crowds, extra traffic on the roads and family politics, the list of potential stressful situations is endless! Grab hold of Santa stress ball for some instant stress relief..
Refreshing Sachet – Cooking, shopping, entertaining guests- just some of the occasions in which you’ll need quick refreshment. Having our handy wipe in your bag or glove department means you’ll never be stuck.
Head massager – Whether you’re planning a hectic holiday or a relaxing, if somewhat reclusive break, a head massager will help you unwind in seconds, its spine ticklingly good.

For your chance to Win One of Four Survival Kits in this Alka-Seltzer Giveaway … just do the following …

Name one way you try and beat the ‘Seasonal Stress & Excess’ …


The competition is open to all Life of Stuffer’s on the Island of Ireland. It will end on Wednesday December 18th and the winner will be notified by email … Good Luck!

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  1. I make lists, lists for presents, lists for my kids and lists for my shopping and I tick off as I go along 😀

  2. I de-stress by sitting at the kitchen table, glass on vino in hand and watching my dad do all the stressing over the turkey!

  3. KISS, keep it simple stupid. I enjoy the build up and try get organized early to achieve this. When I get stuff done,I reward myself

  4. Have everything prepared the night before Christmas and use Christmas Day to have family over and enjoy the day