Irish Theatre: Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin

Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin

Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Festival Dublin, Smoke Alley from Friday October 27th to Monday October 30th, 2023

Written and Directed by Stuart Roche | Performed by Patrick O’Donnell | Lighting Design by Colm Maher | Set Design by Katte Fox.
Contains strong language along with descriptions of violence
Running time: 65 mins

Irish Theatre: Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin

Irish Theatre - Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin - Patrick O'Donnell

In the mesmerising world of theater, where creativity intertwines with the uncanny, Stewart Roche’s “Revenant” emerges as a chilling masterpiece. This theatrical journey is an eerie marriage of horror, suspense, and dark comedy, shedding light on the haunting choices we make in our relentless pursuit of success.

Meet Carter, an exceptionally talented yet volatile director who stumbles upon the perfect backdrop for his zombie movie set during the harrowing Irish famine: an isolated country house nestled on a remote island off the coast of Mayo. With a mere three days to capture his vision and the abrupt departure of his leading actor, Carter finds himself standing at the precipice of a pivotal decision. Will he abandon his film, or will he take a daring leap of faith by casting the enigmatic Vardell? This mysterious actor harbors a shadowy past but possesses an unparalleled talent that could either elevate the project to greatness or plunge it into darkness.

As the cameras roll and the eerie ambiance envelops the set, unnerving events and inexplicable occurrences unfurl, hinting at a malevolent undercurrent beneath the surface. Doubts gnaw at Carter’s mind, and he becomes increasingly suspicious that his fateful decision may have been a grave mistake.

A Comic Horror Play – Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin

“Revenant” is not your ordinary theatrical experience; it’s a visceral and spine-tingling journey that blurs the lines between horror and suspense, all while delivering deliciously dark humor. Roche’s script weaves a tale of playful savagery, a macabre concoction that combines gothic horror gore with a satirical take on the chaotic world of movie-making and acting, leaving audiences spellbound.

Award-Winning Play Revenant Starring Award-Winning Actor Patrick O’Donnell

Irish Theatre - Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin - Stewart Roche and Patrick O'DonnellThis chilling production has garnered accolades, including the prestigious Best Production Award at the Buxton Fringe Festival in 2023. Patrick O’Donnell’s spellbinding performance earned him a well-deserved Best Actor nomination at both the Manchester Fringe in 2021 and the Buxton Fringe in 2023. “Revenant” was also recognised with a nomination for the Stewart Parker Trust Award, cementing its status as a theatrical gem.

Written and skillfully directed by Stewart Roche, “Revenant” promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of the human psyche. Patrick O’Donnell’s captivating portrayal is a testament to his talent, having previously won the Irish Film Critics Award at the Dublin International Film Festival for Best Actor in “The Fading Light” (2010) and the Best International Actor award at the Sydney Underground Film Festival for “Tin Can Man” (2007). Notably, O’Donnell earned a Best Actor nomination at the Manchester Fringe Festival in 2021 for his role in “Revenant.”

Award-Winning Play Revenant Written and Directed by Award-Winning Stewart Roche

Stewart Roche, the creative force behind “Revenant,” has left an indelible mark on the theatrical landscape. His work was recognised with a nomination for the Stewart Parker Award for the Best Debut Play in Ireland in 2013. Additionally, Roche has been commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to pen “Shard,” a promising project set to grace the airwaves later in 2023.

“Revenant” comes with a warning: it contains very strong language and descriptions of violence. The running time for this gripping production is a succinct 65 minutes, promising to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Intrigue, suspense, and dark comedy converge in this theatrical tour de force, where choices haunt and the boundary between reality and illusion blurs. Don’t miss your chance to experience the unforgettable “Revenant.”

Irish Theatre - Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin - starring Patrick O'Donnellimage source: Smoke Alley Theatre

For those seeking accessibility, mark your calendars for the performance on Sunday, October 29th, at 6.45 pm, as it will be ISL interpreted. To secure your spot with ISL interpretation, get in touch with the booking office in advance.

Tickets for the Award-Winning Revenant at Bram Stoker Fest Dublin can be secured here at Smock Alley Theatre:

Did I mention it’s ‘Award-Winning’?

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