The Big Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer

The Perks of Becoming Personal Trainer

Following on from our Exciting Career Options to Consider Switching to in 2022 article and because fitness saw a huge bump in popularity we decided to delve a little more into the world of personal training – and see why it’s worth making the most of your true passion.

The last few years have seen a huge shift in what people want to do in their careers. Since the world of work moved online and suddenly millions of jobs ceased to exist, it was the perfect time for people to pursue their passions.

During that time, something that became prevalent is just how much fitness and health came into the spotlight. It was taking daily walks, hitting the gym whenever possible, and personal training that was keeping people mentally well.

We’ve already known for years that fitness and even a 30-minute walk a day has many mental health benefits. But if you’ve been considering a career as a personal trainer, here is a set of incredible perks for you.

The Big Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer - A Career You Love

Since we live on the internet and everything has switched online in the last few years, you can even find pay only if you pass Training certification to help you get started.

So what are the benefits of becoming a personal trainer?

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer No.1

A Career That You Love

There are careers that you have to do to pay the bills, and there are those of us lucky enough to work in a career that we love.

Fitness and health often become a passion for those who do it regularly. When they choose this to be their career path, they are truly opting to only have a career they love.

On a typical day, they will already have enough motivation to do all of the regular fitness things; they also get to motivate others to do that and reach their best.

The Big Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer - Health Factor

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer No.2

The Health Factor

There aren’t many careers as healthy as becoming a personal trainer. Most people are sedentary for between 8 and 10 hours a day, stuck behind computer screens. While there are many people who adore their office-based jobs; they’re not as healthy as those who work in fitness.

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer No.3

Earning Potential

Although you can choose to work in a gym and have a regularly paid salary, there’s always the option of starting your own personal training business. You can do this along with your ‘regularly paid salary job’ or you can do it as your main source of income.

And because this career has so much flexibility, you can decide when and how often you work. You can also decide how much you’re going to charge per hour. This means that when you choose to become a personal trainer, you have an uncapped earning potential.

The Big Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer - Multiple Career Options

Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer No.4

Multiple Career Options

Once you have the training and certification, there are many different options available to you. You can choose to help people lose and keep weight off; you can choose to work with athletes working towards very specific goals, do group fitness, and even be a yoga instructor. Once you have your main set of certifications, you can specialise in anything you want. And move up the ladder as far as you want to too – you can even become a Master Trainer or a Personal Training Tutor, in which you’ll be the one teaching the personal training courses!

Here’s an example of Personal Training fields you can specialise in:

  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management

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