Best Beauty Buy in a While – YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

Best Beauty Buy in a While - YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

I treated myself to a new eyebrow pencil from an Yves Saint Laurent beauty counter not too long ago. it was called Dessin des Sourcils. It wasn’t because I was unhappy with the eyebrow pencil I was currently using, I just fancied a change. At €24.00, the pencil came in at €5.00 more than my favourite pencil and about €19.00 more than my cheap and cheerful ‘I’ve run out of my favourite pencil’ pencil. So putting that in perspective it is on the higher price bracket but what would you expect, it is YSL after all!

Best Beauty Buy - YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

The packaging is gorgeous. The gold box hinting luxury. The pencil itself was of usual eyebrow pencil length and it too oozed luxury with its gold lids, writing and trimmings. It is available in four colours; Dark Brown, Glazed Brown, Ash and Ebony. The YSL assistant that assisted me the day I bought mine advised me to go with Ebony and I agreed.

As someone who has quite fair in colour eyebrows that are sparse with regard to thickness especially from the arch area outwards, my eyebrow pencil is an essential piece of makeup. I’d love to be able to grow thicker eyebrows but alas my issue is genetic rather than from self-inflicted over plucking.

Best Beauty Buy - YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

It is important for me that my eyebrow pencil has a great colour, blends well, sharpens easily (if it is a parable type), glides on easily but does not glide off. 

Most times when I feel I am going to review a product I will take photo’s of it before I use it. In this case I didn’t and as you can see from the photo’s I gave this eyebrow pencil a good going over before I decided to share my review with you and here it is …

The colour ‘Ebony’ was perfect for me. It is a great shade for brunettes which I have been of late. It doesn’t have that red undertone you can sometimes get from browns and it goes on the skin a realistic shade.

Best Beauty Buy - YSL Dessin des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

The pencil is hard so it is worth being careful when pairing it that you don’t go over board as it is likely to break under pressure when using it. As with all parable eyebrow pencils it can be hard to get that perfect point (a complete pet peeve of mine). However what I was most surprised about this pencil is that as I used it and pared it, the nib started to become loose inside the pencil which made me quite disappointed as it is such a luxury brand.

The lasting ability for me wasn’t what I need I’m afraid. Yes the colour is great and it lasted all day on the hairier parts of my eyebrows, however on the areas with less hair the pencil faded quickly and wiped off too easily. Perhaps the areas around my eyebrows are slightly oily and resistant to it?

Was this a Best Beauty Buy in a While? Well, I’d recommend giving it a go the next time you are at the YSL beauty counter but I won’t be buying this product again for the reasons I have highlighted. I think that someone with fuller eyebrows who is looking to fill theirs in for a more groomed look or touch them up will love it and the shades available.

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