Braga Portugal Itinerary – 3 ‘Must See’ Tourist Attractions

Three Things You Have To Include In Your Braga Portugal Itinerary

Portugal is one of the most popular European holiday destinations, with so many incredible places to explore. From cosmopolitan Lisbon to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, there is something for everyone when you head to this Iberian jewel.

Away from the bright lights of the capital city and bustling southern beaches, one of the main attractions that Portugal has to offer is the city of Braga. Considered by many to be the religious heart of Portugal, it’s the perfect place to visit if you are interested in cultural and historical architecture to break up those beach days. It is easily accessible from Porto, another much loved Portuguese hotspot, so it can make the ideal day trip if you’re on a tight schedule.

If you want to explore Braga, we have compiled three things you will not want to miss off your itinerary. So read on to discover ‘3 ‘Must See’ Tourist Attractions for your Braga Portugal Itinerary’.

Braga Portugal Itinerary ‘Must See’ #1

Bom Jesus do Monte

It’s impossible not to get swept up in the beauty of the religious monuments in and around Braga. One of the most striking is Bom Jesus do Monte, a Catholic shrine on the outskirts of the city, set on an amazing hilltop.

Braga Portugal Itinerary - 3 'Must See' Tourist Attractions - Bom Jesus do Monte
Bom Jesus do Monte image by João Pedro

Based in Tenões, this sanctuary has been the site of pilgrimages throughout time, with an impressive Baroque stairway. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you know that you’re heading to a must-visit spot, and we believe that you’ll be enchanted by its charm as soon as you reach it – from the winding stairway to the glorious landscaping.

There are so many sights to see outside of the shrine itself, with grottoes, lakes, lookout points and fountains, just some of the things you can enjoy. Inside, and you don’t need to be religious to appreciate the artistry of the breathtaking scenes of the crucifixion that leave every visitor in awe. And with hiking trails surrounding the site, this ‘must visit’ attraction is definitely one great way to spend a day out.

Braga Portugal Itinerary - 3 'Must See' Tourist Attractions -Elevador do Bom Jesus, Braga, Portugal
Bom Jesus do Monte image by Dominik Dancs

Braga Portugal Itinerary ‘Must See’ #2

Guimarães Castle

No visit to Braga would be complete without a visit to Guimarães Castle. Constructed in the 10th century, this castle was originally built in order to protect the monastery from attacks from invaders such as the Moors. It was a true military castle, and this can be seen today through its architecture as it has been beautifully preserved. With classic gothic and Romanesque characteristics, it is essential viewing for anyone who has an interest in European history or traditional architecture.

Braga Portugal Itinerary - 3 'Must See' Tourist Attractions - Guimarães Castle
Guimarães Castle image by Luis Castro

There is also some magic and heroism in the air when it comes to the story of Guimarães Castle. It was the site of many historic battles throughout the 14th century, being the scene of great bravery in defence of the then-new Portuguese kingdom.

While those days may be long gone, its story makes it not only a historic site but a thrilling one too – even for those who aren’t simply impressed by its beautiful restoration.

Braga Portugal Itinerary ‘Must See’ #3

Braga Cathedral

Nestled in the beating heart of Braga, this incredible cathedral is considered to be one of the most important buildings in all of Portugal – so you don’t want to miss it off your itinerary! An official national monument since 1910, the Braga Cathedral architecture is an enchanting mix of gothic and baroque design, and it parades the rich history in its very walls.

Braga Portugal Itinerary - 3 'Must See' Tourist Attractions - Braga Cathedral
Braga Cathedral image by Rafael Molica

The history of this building stretches back as far as the 11th century, and while the cathedral has been built, rebuilt and repaired many times across the centuries, little pieces of every age remain to be spotted by the most keen-eyed visitors.

This, the oldest church in Portugal, hosts a museum of religious art and offers access to three chapels where you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful work that has been carried out to preserve this cathedral into the modern day.

Are you feeling ready to explore beautiful Braga? Use our shortlist of must-sees as a starting point, as there is so much more to see and do in this stunning part of northern Portugal. Not just one for history buffs, Braga can be a lovely day trip for anyone who wants to take wonderful pictures in gorgeous surroundings.

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Braga Portugal Itinerary - 3 'Must See' Tourist Attractions - Campo das Hortas, Braga, Portugal
Campo das Hortas image by Rafael Molica

If you want to make the most of your Portuguese getaway, then make sure you do your research to discover the parts of Portugal that are perfect for you, whatever kind of break you want to take.

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