Four Winter Getaway Destinations, Perfect For Families

Winter Getaway Ideas

Though summer is behind us with winter hot on its heels, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance to go on holiday. In fact, now is the perfect time to enjoy a break from the daily routine! And escape the dark mornings, cold temperatures and inclement weather.

But if you are struggling for ideas or inspiration on where your family could go, here are four last-minute destinations that make for the perfect winter getaways.

Four Winter Getaway Destinations, Perfect For Families

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Winter Getaway – Gran Canaria

With a coastline that spans 250 miles, the island of Gran Canaria is the ideal location for spending your days at the beach. Secluded stretches such as Playa de Amadores and Bahaia Feliz means you can keep an eye on the kids while soaking in some sun at the same time.

If you can drag yourself away from the seashore, then consider exploring Gran Canaria’s magnificent landscape. Consider a leisurely walk along its ancient footpaths, which crisscross the entire island.

Four Winter Getaway Destinations, Perfect For Families

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Winter Getaway – Greece

Though in the winter months Greece is not as hot as Gran Canaria, you’ll find that the weather tends to run about 10 degrees hotter than in northern Europe. The mild weather is wonderful for touring some of the ruins in Athens, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, which are overrun in summer.

The museums in the city do an admirable job of engaging children in ancient history, make a point of visiting the Hellenic Children’s Museum, which is filled with interactive exhibits and hands on displays. Added to that, Greek food is easy to convince kids to eat, with souvlaki, gryros and tons of freshly baked pastries, your children won’t be complaining come dinner time.

Four Winter Getaway Destinations, Perfect For Families

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Winter Getaway – The Algarve

Although Portugal’s southernmost strip is a popular retreat for golfers wanting some winter sun, the Algarve boasts the characteristics every family could ever want too.

Along with mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and glorious beaches, you will also find superb restaurants, exhilarating theme parks, all-inclusive resorts and quaint fishing villages. Therefore, the Algarve strikes the right balance between traditional charm and modern-day convenience.

Four Winter Getaway Destinations, Perfect For Families

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Winter Getaway – Lapland

You might not find much sun, sea, and sand in northernmost Finland. But with Christmas fast approaching there are few places as magical as Lapland in winter. After all, this is Santa Claus’ homeland where kids can meet the man himself.

Other winter activities include reindeer sleigh rides through the region’s snow-capped trees, storytelling around the warmth of a cosy fire, and racing across frozen lakes on a snowmobile.

So, if you are a bit fed up with the chilly weather already, consider taking the family to the warmer climes of Gran Canaria, Greece or the Algarve. Alternatively, embrace the trappings of the upcoming festive season with a trip to Lapland – and take your kids to meet Santa Claus.

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