Caribbean Cruise Holidays: Destinations and Highlights

Caribbean Cruise Holiday Destinations: Highlights You Won’t Want to Miss

The sunny islands of the Caribbean have drawn tourists for hundreds of years. The yearlong warm weather, incredible beach resorts, gorgeous natural scenery and the islands’ carnivalesque, tourist-friendly atmospheres are all the ingredients a great Caribbean cruise holiday is made of.

Highlights of Caribbean Holiday Destinations

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Here are SEVEN highlights you won’t want to miss if you’re on a cruise holiday to the Caribbean:

Stargazing in Antigua

The sparsely populated island of Antigua is heaven for star-gazers. The night sky is astonishingly clear, giving you a breathtaking view of our Milky Way. Perch yourself on the cruise ship with the sound of the tumbling waves around you for an experience of a lifetime. 

Surfing in Barbados

Although Barbados technically sits in the Atlantic Ocean, it is still counted as one of the Caribbean islands. The rough Atlantic Ocean, however, has made the islands a dream destination for surfers who come here in immense numbers for Barbados’ huge waves. For beginners, there are plenty of surfing schools along the beaches of Bridgetown and Christ Church to guide you along on your first surfing holiday.

Highlights of Caribbean Holiday Destinations

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Rum Tasting in Jamaica 

Jamaica’s laid-back reputation is well deserved, as any veteran travellers to the Caribbean can testify. The largest island in the Caribbean is famous for its 17th-century sea forts and rum distilleries, some of which go back hundreds of years. No holiday to Jamaica would be complete without a rum tasting tour through the island‘s many distilleries.

Kayaking in St. Lucia

The tiny island of St. Lucia is dominated by dozens of small streams, rivers and water bodies, making it a favourite among kayaking enthusiasts and tourist. Take a detour off the coast and strap yourself onto a kayak for an adventure that will bring you a glimpse of everyday wildlife in the Caribbean as you pedal through mangrove forests and roaring waterfalls.

Highlights of Caribbean Holiday Destinations

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Shark Diving in Bahamas

In the Caribbean, every port of call is a different cruise experience. In Nassau, Bahamas, you can indulge in the greatest thrill of them all: swimming with sharks. Plenty of adventure tour operators in Bahamas destination offer shark diving in affordable packages that involve feeding and swimming with local tiger sharks.

Bird Watching in Trinidad

Trinidad is a major stop on bird migratory routes. Each year, millions of herons, pelicans, storks and flamingos descend on the island. Bird watchers will be delighted to find exotic species such as Caribbean Flamingo, Ospreys, Snow Goose and Crested Oropendolas all across the island.

Highlights of Caribbean Holiday Destinations

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Dancing in Puerto Rico

Being in close proximity to the USA has made Puerto Rico one of the trendiest of all Caribbean islands. This shows in the island’s nightlife, which is arguably second only to Jamaica’s. The beaches along San Juan are packed with bars and nightclubs that play both traditional Caribbean music and American hip-hop imports.


Written by: Mary Jane Martin. Mary Jane is a travel enthusiast currently working for a full-service local Travel Digital Agency. She has a passion for traveling around the world, and writes about her many adventures and mishaps while exploring life’s myriad secrets. 

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