4 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors More

Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors

The outdoors is a great place to see the world around you and it has many benefits that are worth reminding you of. The thing that tends to stop us from enjoying the outdoors is likely to be work-related, or being cooped in watching television, or spending too much time on electronic devices. But getting outdoors can be life-changing, and here are just four of the best reasons to get outdoors more.

4 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors More - Physical Health

Get Outdoors #1 – It’s Good For Your Physical Health

Your physical health is something that you need to take seriously. The reality is that life is too short and we never truly know how long we have left before our own time runs out. A good way to hopefully extend your life though is by getting outdoors, getting the exercise your body needs and pumping the blood around your body. We all want to do what we can to help improve our general health and again, we often make excuses to not do exercise. However, if you can get yourself outdoors whether it’s a short walk or a hike across your favourite nearby mountains, then it’s definitely going to help you to feel good on the inside.

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4 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors More - Mental Health

Get Outdoors #2 – It Improves Mental Wellbeing

Talking of looking after your body, your mental wellbeing is something that hooks up to your physical health. If you don’t look after your mind, you’re likely going to do a lot of direct damage to your physical side too. We all deal with our mental health differently and it’s something that is slowly starting to change for the better. Being more open about how we’re feeling and whether or not we’re ok in that moment is important to be able to build upon.

Getting some outdoor fresh air can really help to reflect and face your thoughts and feelings.

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4 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors More - Killarney National Park, Ireland - Experience Your Surroundings

Get Outdoors #3 – It’s An Opportunity To Experience Your Surroundings

There’s nothing better than sitting on top of a mountain or hill, watching the world go by. Experience it on your own, or with your loved ones. Enjoy it with a well-prepared picnic, or a thrown together sandwich, a riot squad vape or a flask of hot tea or coffee.

We often don’t realise or explore the surroundings that are right on our doorstep and it’s important to try and do more of that where you can.

Most of us will likely only do this when family are visiting or on spontaneous outings. Promising yourself from that point to do more of it. And it’s something you should hold yourself accountable to get outdoors more when you can.

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4 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Outdoors More - Foster Creativity

Get Outdoors #4 – It Fosters Creativity & Productivity

With fresh air and a break away from your computer or mobile phone, it can really help to provide you with that creativity and productivity that you might need. Whether you’re working from home temporarily or you just need to get out of the house and focus on something else, getting outside can be beneficial. It’s something that we all need to do more often, and that is taking a break. Especially when it comes to work, we don’t give ourselves enough time to reset our batteries.

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Getting outdoors is something you should do more of this year, so make sure to do it.

All photos by Belfast Photographer Steven Hylands – CCO Licence

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