Duke Special’s Gramophone Club, The liquor Rooms, Dublin

 Duke Special’s Gramophone Club

February 12th 2014

Duke Special's Gramophone Club at The Liquor Rooms

I do get press releases sent to me … It’s all part of the blogging-world I suppose, and there is, I have to admit, a special little smile that trickles over my face when I read one that interests me. On most occasions I will read the piece, take from it what information I need and if it’s something that interests me or I think will interest/benefit The Life of Stuff readers, I will share the news through my own words backed up my own research. I never copy and paste. Never say never as in this case, the Case of the ‘Duke Special’s Gramophone Club,’ I read the news, it interested me and  I copied the press release which you will find highlighted and pasted below. I do not feel I need to explain these actions but what I will say is … Love the way it is written and See you there! 

Those who know Duke Special for the platinum album “Songs from the Deep Forest”, including the hit song “Freewheel”, or even for his forays into the world of orchestras and music theatre may be surprised by his latest incarnation.

After a chance meeting with The Shellac Collective, a like-minded group of eccentrics who are passionate about 78rpm records from bygone times, Duke and the Shellacs started to appear at the same festivals and perform together on occasions.

Now Duke has taken the plunge, and formed Duke Special’s Gramophone Club, the Irish arm of the Shellac Collective.

From the decadence of the 1920’s Jazz Age, the pure glamour of the 1930’s Dance Band Era and the nostalgia of the War Years, exciting Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Jumpin’ Jive, exotic Latin and Calypso beats through to the Rock ‘n’ Roll explosion of the 1950s, Duke Special will run the gamut of 78rpm DJ-ing…

Be prepared to swing, tap and jive your body to the sounds Mr. Special will have in store for you!

Duke Special will be launching his Gramophone Club in The Liquor Rooms, Dublin on Wednesday 12 February 2014 and is available to booking for events, parties and all your Shellac needs.

The When: Wednesday February 12th at 9pm                              

The Where: The Liquor Rooms, 5 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

The Websites: www.dukespecial.com www.liquorrooms.com


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