Fashion Fix – For Men: How to Find the Right Winter Coat

How to Find the Right Winter Coat

With winter well underway, is your wardrobe prepared? Whether it’s knitwear, coats or shoes, having the right attire for the winter season is crucial. In fact, looking for a winter coat, and in particular looking at men’s winter coats  – it can be somewhat of a challenge.

Your winter coat needs to protect you from the harsh wind and rain that is so often facing us when we leave the house. However, it’s important that your coat also has a stylish design. With that in mind, we offer some buying tips on finding the right winter coat and what you need to consider.

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The Coat Style

One of the most important decision when buying a winter coat is the style. There are a multitude of designs to choose from, each one being distinct and stylish in its own right. However, some coat styles may be better suited to different purposes, so it’s key that you are looking for styles that will specifically keep you warm and sheltered from the elements.

Fashion Fix - For Men - How to Find the Right Winter Coat - Style

Winter coats can include styles like parkas, puffers and overcoats. Avoid lightweight jackets unless they have a warm lining for extra comfort. Parkas are the perfect example of a great winter coat, often created with an oversized fit that is great for layering knitwear underneath.

The Length of a Coat

One important consideration when buying a winter coat is the length. While a short jacket may be the most fashionable in your opinion, is it going to provide the protection and warmth you need?

Fashion Fix - For Men - How to Find the Right Winter Coat - Style

A longer coat for the winter season may be more practical, but there’s no harm in having a shorter winter jacket on hand too just in case. It may be a good idea to invest in a parka coat with a long length, and a puffer jacket with a shorter hem; this can accommodate all your social occasions throughout the winter months.

If you’re taking your coat somewhere even colder for a winter break, long is always best!

The Colour You Choose

The colour of your winter coat is down to your personal taste. Many winter coats will come in seasonal colours such as grey, khaki, black or navy. These shades will go with everything, but before you reach for a classic black coat, consider your other options too.

Fashion Fix - For Men - How to Find the Right Winter Coat - Colour

Many coat styles will lend themselves to much brighter colours, giving you the chance to add something a little more exciting to your wardrobe. For instance, many puffer jackets come in blue, orange and red for a vibrant addition to your winter wardrobe.

Additional Features to Consider

Consider what additional features you would love to see on your winter coat. Would you prefer a Sherpa lining, or a faux fur hood trim? Both features can create extra warmth and style. Perhaps you prefer technical details, like drawcords at the hood and waist, or lots of inner pockets to protect your personal items?

Fashion Fix - For Men - How to Find the Right Winter Coat - Additional Features

Design features such as logos, embroidered sleeve badges or prints across the back are also popular on winter coats, adding some extra style while the rest of your outfit is covered up.


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