Fifty Shades of Grey


… or Fifty Shades of Black and Blue! Well, according to a Women’s refuge in the North of England it’s the later and to demonstrate their feelings on the subject they’ve decided to burn some books! They feel that Fifty Shades of Grey will encourage domestic violence. Isn’t there something better they could do with their time not to mention the money they will waste buying the books only to burn them! Mmm … great plan ladies ! I’ve also read that the instigator of the book burning didn’t even finish reading the trilogy … all that comes to mind is ‘Never judge a book …’



Personally speaking I was expecting something ‘more’ after all the hype but then again I’ve only read the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, from the trilogy. I’m told book number two Fifty Shades of Darker does in fact get darker and following that there’s book number three, Fifty Shades Freed which I’m presuming speaks for itself.

For a full report on the book burning you can visit this Mail Online link

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