Fun Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding Ideas to Light Your Way

As your big day approaches, you’ll want to get every last detail right – and that includes the lighting. You’ll want to create an ambience that works for both dining and dancing, with enough light that everyone can see while balancing the softness of romantic lighting. Make your decor a highlight of your wedding with these fun ideas.

Fun Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

Play With Colour

One particular aspect of wedding lighting to take into consideration is the colour of your lights – at the reception you can really have some fun, perhaps illuminating the dancefloor with some multicoloured string lights and a disco ball. Changing the colour of the lighting overall can also signal the day to night transition – a bright white to a warm orange for example, still lights up the room while maintaining a cooler ambience, while the orange colour is still flattering to all skin tones for photographs.

Clever Centrepieces

While many wedding venues use spotlighting over the tables, why not add a twist by using light for your centrepieces? There are many clever ways to do this, from hanging lanterns over the tables for a festival feeling, or incorporating light into your centre display. If you have a vase of flowers you could wrap LED lights around the vase, use a candelabra for a fun gothic vibe, or go for a cluster of mason jar tea lights.

Fun Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

Fairy Lights

There are so many different ways to use fairy lights to add a sense of magic to your special day, and make the perfect touch because of the softness of the light emitted. LEDs are best as they are cheap and efficient to run, and due to the lack of heat emitted are much less of a fire hazard than other types of lighting. Because of this, you can really be creative – if your reception is outdoors, you can illuminate some bushes and plants by spiralling lights through them, christmas tree style, or simply create an outline of the space by draping lights from tree to tree for a magical woodland feel. Icicle fairy lights can be affixed to the top of a wall or fence to let the lights ‘drip’ down like icicles to illuminate the space a little more.

Sparklers and Fireworks

End your big day with a bang – quite literally – with a beautiful firework display. For outdoor or summer weddings this is a great way to get all of your guests together as you watch the fireworks in the sky, really cementing the celebrations of the day. Either as a precursor to the fireworks or simply for fun, sparklers can be great fun as everyone draws pictures with the light, and this can allow for some really special photo opportunities.

Written by: Victoria Clarke. Victoria is a MA graduate in Victorian Literature from the University of Leeds. She is a lover and scholar of the English language, and stellar amateur cook. She is currently a Freelance Copywriter.

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