7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos

Tops Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are of memories you’ll want to cherish forever, so it’s important to get them right. Invest in a professional photographer, and have a plan in mind. There are many factors to take into consideration such as the time of year, location, weather, and your guests. You could even come up with a creative theme for the photos. Your photographer will be able to give some great insights and ideas. Here are seven secrets for perfect wedding photos.

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7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - Hire the Right Photographer

Hire The Right Photographer

Wedding photos aren’t something you want to skimp on, so it’s advisable to go with a professional. They’ll have experience and access to high-tech equipment. Do your research into a few wedding photographers, have a look at their websites and social pages for examples of their photography. Most photographers have examples of their work online, take for example Vittore Buzzi Photography, and check out their portfolio for inspiration on how to set the scene for ‘perfect wedding photos’.

It’s nice to develop a friendly rapport with your photographer, so you can share ideas and have fun on the day.

7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - Get Creative

Get Creative

Brainstorm some creative ideas for your wedding photos if you want them to stand out, and be different from other people’s. You could even come up with a theme or look for interesting settings near the venue. Your photographer will be able to advise you on this. Here are some wedding photo ideas to give you inspiration. Add a touch of your own style and make your photos unique. Remember these photos aren’t going to be everyone’s favourites but they will hopefully be perfect wedding photos for you and your loved ones.

7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - Factor in the time of year

Factor In The Time Of Year

Consider the time of year as this could affect your outdoor photos. If you get married during the colder months especially it’s a good idea to check the local sunset time. Sunset is an ideal light to have the most flattering photos taken, so try to plan your day around this. You might also want to come up with a contingency plan if the weather fails you on the day. Plan plenty of interesting indoor settings for your photos as well. These could also be affected if you’re planning a wedding in the Christmas season, or during other festivities so take this into consideration too.

7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - Get insights from your photographer

Get Insights From Your Photographer

Your photographer should have plenty of experience taking wedding photos, so listen to them. Ask them for advice on everything from the theme, setting, and time of day to take photos. They will be able to provide you with useful professional insights to help you achieve your ‘perfect wedding photos’. Once you’ve got more of a plan you can give your photographer a checklist of all the different photos you want, from getting ready photos, to mingling pics of guests. They’ll be used to taking these types of photos anyway, but you can prepare a list to give you peace of mind.

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7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - perfect getting ready photographs

Perfect ‘Getting Ready’ Photographs

If you’re planning on taking getting ready photos, prepare the room first. Tidy up a bit and put away things like open suitcases and other bits and bobs lying around. Consider the lighting and set up your ‘getting ready’ area where your photographer thinks is best. These pictures can be a lot of fun to take, but you want to stage it a bit so they look great. Speak to your photographer for advice and ideas.

7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - proposal pics

Proposal Pics

Some couples also like to have photos taken of their romantic proposal. You could consider using the same photographer when you propose. You could incorporate your proposal pics into your wedding album as well. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to stage these later on or have them taken as a surprise in the moment. Either way, it’s another memory you’ll want to remember forever.

7 Secrets for Perfect Wedding Photos - look after your photographer

Look After Your Photographer

Even though you’re paying them, it’s a nice gesture to ensure your photographer is well looked after. It’s a long day for them, so make sure they have time to take quick breaks and provide them with refreshments. If you develop a good relationship with your photographer it’ll be a lot more pleasant on the day, and they’ll appreciate it. Keep an eye on them and see if there’s anything they need. If you’re worried you’re going to be too busy, you could even delegate these duties to a bridesmaid or someone else in your wedding party.

Your wedding will be a day to remember, so you want to get the perfect wedding photos. Make sure you’re well prepared in advance and have discussed all your ideas with a professional photographer. They’ll have the expertise and experience to get the best pictures. They’ll take a wide selection of photos on the day, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. You can put together the perfect album to cherish forever.

Photos by Rene Asmussen

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