Going Out Out This Christmas? 4 Things to Consider

Going Out Out This Christmas

What better time to organise a fun night out than during the festive season? It is a wonderful time to get reconnected, crack a few jokes over some dinner and drinks, take pictures, and create unforgettable memories. Over the last number of months, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has put a halt to many, if not all social activities. However, with Christmas just around the corner, these restrictions have been slowly eased in some areas – allowing restaurants, pubs, and other public places to gradually reopen.

Going Out Out This Christmas? 4 Things to Consider - Decision

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But just because restrictions have eased and you can ‘go out out’ doesn’t mean you have to. The decision is entirely up to how comfortable you are, and if you’re not ready yet don’t feel in any way pressured to force yourself. There are plenty of ways to stay connected with friends. And showing support for your favourite establishment can be easily achieved by purchasing vouchers, or ordering click and collect to enjoy at home.

However, if you are looking forward to taking advantage of the easing of restrictions and going out for a fun night this Christmas, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Going Out Out This Christmas? 4 Things to Consider - Be Safe

Photo by Gustavo Fring

1 – Staying Safe

To enjoy your night to the fullest, you must be safe, and consider the safety of others. Don’t forget to wear a face mask, wash your hands often and have your hand sanitiser with you at all times. Make your social bubble small, and stay within your social bubble, remembering to keep the recommended social distance within premises, and outside them too.

Being cautious about your personal safety will prevent any mishaps that could ruin your night and create not-so-good memories. Although you may want to use a night out to treat yourself and clear your head alone, it is advisable to go with a friend, or inform a family member or loved one of your whereabouts. If you are feeling uncomfortable, express it. It is better to create an awkward scene than to leave yourself vulnerable and insecure. Like many others, if you plan on using an Uber during the night, utilise their helpful safety features and share your trips with people you trust.

2 – Tone Down your Expectations

Your night out can end up being a bore if it doesn’t go as you expected it to. It is alright to look forward to an exciting night; however, getting consumed by your expectations can take away the fun you may have that evening. Instead of trying to create a night that would meet your wild expectations, live in the moment and enjoy it. Avoid setting insane desires in your head about the night and remember that whatever happens is outside your control. The best memories are usually made from unexpected events.

Going Out Out This Christmas? 4 Things to Consider - Wrap up

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3 – Wrap up Warm

Picking your outfit for a night out shouldn’t be complicated, especially when you know where you are headed. You can never go wrong with pairing your jeans with linen shirts to create a classic yet enviable statement. However, the night can get very chilly, so it is essential to bring a jacket or coat to beat the cold. Do not worry about messing up your outfit. There are a variety of warm options that are bound to be ‘trendy’ and complement your style. Besides, there’s no point catching a cold and lowering your immune system, especially now, and at this time of year.

4 – Hang Out the Next Morning

Pre-Covid, it was quite amusing to wake up surrounded by your friends after a night out, and a great opportunity to chat about everything that happened the night before. Going out and then waking up to friends keeps the buzz of the previous night going. Hanging out all night into the early hours, and till the morning might not be a possibility just yet. But you can still make memories by meeting up the next morning, going for breakfast together, or grabbing a coffee and going for a walk, or whichever way you prefer to make the most of your time together.

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