3 Simple Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value

Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value

Whether you are a house owner or a real estate developer, trying to add value to your home is something that is … highly valued. It’s even more crucial if you’re looking to re-list a property in order to move up the property ladder. This means that completing remodeling work to increase the home’s value is now a requirement. This doesn’t always imply that you must complete large projects; there are ways to add value to your home or at the very least ensure that you are receiving the best offer available.

3 Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value - The Life of Stuff

Take a look at some of the simple ways you can increase the value of your home below:

Home Improvements #1 – Remodeling The Bathroom

The bathrooms in a property are one of the areas that a buyer will frequently inspect. If you’re starting afresh, they’re seen as a large project, and it can easily put off a prospective buyer if they think they’ll have to complete a huge renovation project when they’ve already spent a large sum of money on the house and service charges. This does not necessarily imply that you must completely redo your home’s bathrooms; rather, you must ensure that they are fully functional, clean, and neat and tidy. If you have an extremely old suite, it may be worth replacing it because these can be difficult to work with when revamping.

3 Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value - The Bathroom

Moreover, if you have a newer suite, you can consider updating it by installing new light fixtures, a new toilet seat, regrouting, and installing new faucets. The goal is to have a bathroom that does not require immediate attention. You should also consider replacing any broken tiles or dripping faucets. You may also want to consider planning a wetroom as they are increasing in popularity.

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Home Improvements #2 – Remodeling The Kitchen

The kitchen, like the bathroom, is a priority for many prospective buyers. This is due to the fact that installing a new one can be an expensive project. You can consider updating your kitchen without replacing it, especially if you have solid cupboards and good flooring.

3 Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value - The Kitchen

Consider updating your kitchen with:

  1. New Cupboard Doors
  2. Repair Any Broken Tiles
  3. Regrout Tiles
  4. Add A Backsplash
  5. Replace The Worksurfaces
  6. Add A Statement Light Fixture
  7. Deep Clean Any Built-In Appliances.
  8. Replace The Handles
  9. New Taps
  10. De-Clutter The Worktops

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Home Improvements #3 – Re-Touch The Paintwork

Making your home clean and presentable is a simple way to ensure you’re getting the best price for it. This tends to mean you should consider giving your home’s painted spaces a once-over and a fresh coat of paint. This is especially useful for radiators, skirting panels, and ceilings.

3 Home Improvements That Could Increase Its Value - The Paintwork

Look for places to buy building materials online so that you can have any materials delivered right to your door. By ensuring that the white paint is fresh, you can make your home appear brighter and cleaner. You’ll be surprised at how much your home’s white areas have yellowed over time.

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What other easy ways do you have to add value to your home? Feel free to share them along with your top tips for home improvements in the comments below.

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