10 Recipes to Make with Your Windowsill Indoor Herbs

Windowsill Herbs – Basil, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary & Thyme

So you’ve grown your herbs from seeds, and nurtured them as they grew. That, or you bought a few healthy looking plants in the local supermarket. Either way, you now have an indoor herb garden greeting you every day as you make your morning coffee. They look so pretty and green. They make you feel happy, you could indeed be green-fingered. Sustainable lifestyle here you come, after all you’re growing your own food right! Yes you are but now you need to use it.

Your plants won’t stay fresh and green if you don’t trim back those leaves to let new ones grow. Of course you can snip a little here and there just to help them flourish, but they’re not there just to look pretty (well they shouldn’t be). They are there to be put to their best use – to flavour your food and encourage healthier living by doing so.

To help inspire you to use your windowsill herbs. Here are 10 extremely easy ways to use your fresh Basil, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary & Thyme (two recipes for each herb).


10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Herbs - Basil

Basil is high on the list of my favourite smelling herbs. I just adore its aroma. It grows best indoors so is perfect for your windowsill garden. It’s packed full of vitamins including Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C , Vitamin K and Potassium. It goes really well with Rosemary and Thyme in meat dishes, but equally as tasty in vegetarian dishes too. Try it with fish, eggs or in a soup.

10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Herbs

Super Simple Tasty Tomato & Basil Oven Cooked Rice

This recipe is such a simple dish that can be cooked for all the family in under an hour. Make it vegetarian by leaving out the chicken and by using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. My recommendation is to add the ‘optional’ parmesan ingredient in my recipe. You can read and follow my recipe here – A Super Simple Tasty Tomato & Basil Oven Cooked Rice Recipe

10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Herbs

Basil Pesto

What isn’t pesto great in/on? In a sandwich, on pizza, as a pasta dish or even added to soup. Now you may need to let your plant flourish before you try making pesto at home because according to Jamie Oliver’s Pesto Recipe, you will need three good handfuls. Jamie’s recipe is simple and gives great results. Yes you can buy a jar of the stuff in the supermarket for a €2 but homemade should always taste better.

If it’s a vegan recipe you’re looking for. As in one that doesn’t use the traditional ingredient of parmesan cheese – you can either use vegan parmesan or try my recipe for Vegan Basil Pesto Recipe using Nutritional Yeast.


10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Herbs - Mint Herb

For me a close second to the aroma of basil is mint. Like basil it grows really well indoors, unlike basil you can actually transplant it to your outdoor garden should you want to. One word of advice though is to keep it in its own pot or area as it can spread quickly. Mint is packed full of goodies too, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Manganese. It can also help with digestion, nausea and headaches. Personally I love mint in my mojito’s – it’s good to know what helped to cause your headache can also cure it!

10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Indoor Herbs

Blackberry Mint Scones

I came across this simple baking recipe on Saveur.com. What’s great about it is not only is it simple, but you can use frozen berries, which means those you bought or picked in season and froze for use later will get put to great use. You can read how to use your mint herb in the full recipe here.

10 Things to do with Your Windowsill Indoor Herbs

Mojito Cocktail

Okay it might not be a meal, but it’s still a recipe! When I first tried a Mojito, I thought it was disgusting. That’s because it was made really badly. When I tried it again, I was converted. Patrick’s simple and easy Mojito recipe is a fail safe way of getting your cocktail right each time. Here’s his post