Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner

Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner

Maintenance as a new homeowner is harder than most people think. Even protecting your home from crime becomes essential, but you can save by learning to be handy around the home. A home is an ongoing project, and there will be ups and downs, so here is some handy advice.

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5 Top Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner

Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner #1

Common Issues Must be Fixed

Homes are susceptible to many issues, and when you own your own property, all the responsibility falls on you. No longer can you call the landlord and request something be fixed; it is you that has to do it. Common issues include pests, structural damage and utilities. Fortunately, things like termite control to protect wood are pretty easy if you catch them early. But you will need to hire expert help for complex jobs like plumbing, electrics and gas fittings.

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Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner #2

You Need to Protect Your Home

Protecting your home goes further than laying some mouse traps and ant killers. Home invasion is on the rise, so there is always a risk of someone coming into your home to steal something or worse. In Ireland, CSO statistics for 2022 reported nearly 9500 burglaries. And in the UK alone, there are over 260,000 home break-ins each year. Again, it is easy to protect your home. Even fake cameras and alarms can be enough to deter most burglars. But for genuine protection, invest in one of the best affordable home security systems, such as Ring.

Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner #3

It Costs for Maintenance as a New Homeowner

The job of protecting and securing your home will cost money, and this can be more dependent on the value of your home. Most experts agree that you should set aside 1% of your home’s value per year for maintenance. So, if your home is worth €/£150,000, set aside €/£1,500 for the year’s maintenance tasks. Of course, this doesn’t include unforeseen events such as adverse weather. And any renovation and decorating costs will also be much higher than this.

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Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner #4

It Helps to Get Handy

Because of the costs of repairs and other factors, it can help to get handy in your home. Even simple DIY jobs can save you money, considering how much a local tradesperson might charge. Some things you can easily fix yourself include draught-proofing your home, applying bathroom sealant, and unblocking drains. However, for anything more complex than changing a lightbulb, you will need an expert contractor to make sure you don’t harm yourself or others.

Tips for Maintenance as a New Homeowner #5

Shopping for Contractors is Key

Further to contractors, it is vital to shop around and not just settle on the first one you see. Sites like MyBuilder are excellent for seeing honest reviews by real customers about tradespeople in your area. And more often than not, they are extremely attentive, friendly and, more importantly, reliable. And don’t be put off by the costs either. Just because someone is cheap, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Some can just work very quickly and love to just get the job done.

There are many common issues that you must address for maintenance as a new homeowner, such as pests. However, you can save money with DIY jobs and shopping around contractors.

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