Beauty Fix – Truvivity by Nutrilite

Truvivity by Nutrilite ™ – True Beauty Starts Within 

If you follow me on my social media channels then you may remember I posted an update a little over a month ago to let you know that I was about to trial Truvivity by Nutrilite for 30 days. Well, those 30 days are up and so in this post I’d like to share with you my thoughts on my trial.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

First up though let me tell you exactly what Truvivity is. Truvivity is Amway’s new brand. Amway are renowned worldwide for brands such as Artistry, Satinique and Nutrilite, of course. They sell more than 400 beauty, wellness and home care products making them the leading family owned consumer goods company worldwide.

Truvivity is all about nourishment for the skin from within. It’s a Beauty Supplement and Beauty Powder Drink, and just the beginning of Truvivity by Nutrilite’s Beauty System journey.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

The Beauty Supplement (€85) is a food supplement that includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc. It also includes Phytolnfuse™ Complex.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

The combination of these ingredients which come in tablet form and directed to be taken each night as part of your regular skincare routine, is designed to relieve the skin from the everyday stresses your skin goes through. Stresses from sun exposure, the environment and the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

The Beauty Powder Drink (€47) is designed to complement the Beauty Supplement. It’s ingredients are Vitamin C, Zinc, PhytoCeramide Complex and Cranberry Extract with Grapefruit Flavour.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

The directions for this part of the beauty system is to take the drink during the day in 240ml of water. It’s designed to help reduce the skins tiredness throughout the day.

In my original social media posts I mentioned that I hoped to get the glow and also the ‘bod’ of J-Lo, the face of Truvivity. Of course Nutrilite didn’t promise the later, I’m afraid it will take more than a beauty supplement to achieve that goal, but they did promise glowing skin.

So how did I get on? What are my thoughts?

Well, here they are:

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

I love the packaging, both design and function. The Beauty Supplement is laid out perfectly, with two tablets in handy blister packs, so there’s no fumbling about which actually helped me remember to take them when I should. The Beauty Powder Drink is again designed for comfort of use. Each drink is packaged separately so there is no measuring to be done, you just empty the sachet into water, mix well and drink. As well as these points, both the boxes look pretty enough to have on show or compact enough to pack away.

Beauty Fix - Truvivity by Nutrilite

As mentioned above both the Beauty Supplement and the Beauty Powder Drink were easy to take. I found the Beauty Powder Drink quite refreshing when mixed with really chilled water. It also enticed me to drink more water, something I’m terrible for remembering to do throughout the day. 

When it comes to noticing more of a glow to my skin, I can’t honestly say I did notice more radiance …  I had pretty good skin to begin with, with my only issues being the odd dry spot or indeed spot. However with saying that, I didn’t have these issues while taking the supplement, and let’s be real here … although I was obviously more healthy within, which is what Truvivity is all about, I couldn’t be expected to achieve a halo status of J-Lo radiance after only 30 days, could I?

I think that the combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc included in the ingredients of the Truvivity Beauty System are extremely important vitamins when it comes to healthy glowing skin, so getting the daily allowance of these within the supplements along with the encouragement to drink more water can only improve ones skin …  so after 30 days it was a win win situation really.

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