Bevvy of the Week – Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin

Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin

This week I would like to recommend and Irish gin Called Bertha’s Revenge Irish milk Gin, which is produced in Co. Cork by The Ballyvolane House Spirits Company.

Bevvy of the Week - Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin

This gin is really something special. It’s named after a famous cow from Kerry called Bertha, who was the longest living cow in the world. Reaching the ripe old age of 48 and giving birth to no less than 39 calves, sure it’s only fitting that she would have a gin named after her.

In keeping with Bertha’s memoir, the people at Ballyvolane House have used whey alcohol for the base spirit for this gin. This whey alcohol which is sourced from Irish Dairy farms, is the outcome of the cheese making process.

Bertha’s Gin is packed full of mouth-watering fruit flavour. It also has little spicy character to it with some soft floral notes.

It’s 42% vol, will set you back about €50 and if you’d like to know more you can visit The Ballyvolane House Spirits Company website here.

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