Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin

Back in September last year Edwina attended one of the launches for Grace O’Malley Whiskey. Edwina thoroughly enjoyed the launch, particularly because she experienced sailing from the Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dún Laoighaire aboard Joan Mulloy’s racing boat. Joan a descendent from THE Grace O’Malley has taken after the renowned pirate queen with her sailing abilities. And is a top class professional solo sailor. She is also aptly sponsored by Grace O’Malley Premium Irish Spirits.

The Life of Stuff Bevvy of the Week - Grace O'Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin

So Edwina was delighted she attended the launch and I because I got to enjoy the gifted bottle she brought home. From the ‘Grace O’Malley Crew Range’, Heather Infused Irish Gin. The Navigator and Captain’s Ranges may be on the deck some day but for now this Irish gin is the perfect excuse for a ‘Bevvy of the Week‘.

Bevvy of the Week - Grace O'Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin Cocktail

Grace or Granuaile was the legendary Irish Pirate Queen from County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. Born into Irish nobility, her deals and dealings were notorious, hence the royal name. And this gin is quickly becoming a legend amongst gin drinkers across the island of Ireland and beyond. Sponsoring Joan Mulloy, lighting Rockfleet Castle for Samhain, and being the drink sponsors for Westival have all helped promote the west of Ireland, and the brand.

About The Gin

Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Gin is packed with 14 botanical, all locally sourced from the west of Ireland. Purple heather flower, wild thyme, red clover and blackthorn are just a few of the botanicals that make up this gin.

This is a really well balanced gin. The flavours are soft and subtle however the purple heather flower really shines through.

This gin is perfect on the rocks, with a splash of tonic or mixed in you favourite cocktail.

A 700ml bottle costs around €45 and you should find it in all good Off Licences.

Enjoy, Sláinte



Bevvy of the Week – Grace O’Malley Heather Infused Irish Gin - The Life of Stuff


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