New Year Bubbles


With Christmas behind us now it’s roll on the New Year and there’s no way better way to ring it in than with a glass if bubbly or two.

You can splash out and go for Champagne and you should be able to pick up a good bottle for around €30. This is very nice and it’s a sure way to impress your guests if you are having people over but it can also be expensive if you are catering for a few. What I would suggest is get one maybe two bottles of the good stuff and throw in a few bottles of Cava or Prosecco which you’ll pay between €15 and €20 for .

Now a lot of people may think to themselves that they will keep the Champagne for when the clock strikes midnight, I think this is a bad idea. You should serve the Champagne first when people still have their wits about them and can appreciate what you are serving up to them because come midnight most people won’t care what’s in their glass as long as they can drink it and all that money on champagne goes to waste. So serve the good stuff first followed by the Cava or the Prosecco. Sure most people won’t know the difference anyway.

If Champagne, Cava or Prosecco is out of your budget after all the Christmas spending and you still what to have bubbles this New Year, don’t worry there are loads of Sparkling Perry’s out there that have the pop and the bubbles and may I add taste very nice indeed. You can get a magnum size (1.5l ) bottle of Perry for around €10 in most Off Licences.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2014!

Cheers, Sláinte,


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