Holiday Checklist and Packing Tips for Travel with Small Kids

The Holiday Checklist

Holidays with your family can be the most rewarding experiences of your life. Travelling with kids helps to educate them, broadens their minds, but most of all it’s pure fun. Packing to go on holidays for some can be the opposite of fun but if you take your time and think it through a little before you delve in, it can be just as rewarding when there are no hidden surprises when its time to unpack.

This handy holiday checklist and top packing tips should help with these unwanted surprises. And speaking of packing tips – having clean clothes to take on holidays is a must and so teaming up with Laundryheap to bring you this article made complete sense!

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Holiday Checklist

Sometimes we forget the most obvious things. This packing checklist will help but read on for our top packing tips.

  1. Passports and Tickets.
  2. Cash and Bank Cards.
  3. Medications.
  4. Clothing.
  5. Footwear.
  6. Swimwear.
  7. Toiletries including make-up, nappies, wipes, creams.
  8. Electronics including phone, camera, tablet, chargers and adapters.
  9. Toys and Books.
  10. Snacks and drinks.


Top Packing Tips for Travel with Small Kids – The Holiday Checklist

By using the holiday checklist and the following tips it really is possible to successfully pack light when going on holiday with small kids. One 20kg suitcase between a family of four, plus four small carry-on bags is all you need for a sun holiday getaway for a week.

The Holiday Checklist #1

Passport and Tickets

Check them, check them and check them again. Then put them in a flat zip up bag (a zip lock will do if you don’t have one), and put them into the bag you keep on you. This way they are all together and handy to get at when checking in and boarding the plane. If you want to be extra secure, take a photo of tickets and passports and email them to yourself or take photocopies and keep them in another bag.

Taking a flight

The Holiday Checklist #2

Cash and Bank Cards

It’s so easy nowadays to go about your daily life using bank cards only. However when travelling it is always advisable to have some cash with you. Be if for transport from the airport or for a bite to eat when you get to your destination. When it comes to using bank cards, remember to contact your bank to advise them that you will be using them outside of your normal residency.

The Holiday Checklist #3


Make sure to pack travel-approved quantities of medications for you and your children. For liquids, not more than 100ml can be packed in carry-on bags. Pack them all together in a zip-lock bag and keep them to the top of your carry-on for easy access to show at security. Medication higher than 100ml and those you are not worried about parting with can be packed in your main luggage.


The Holiday Checklist #4


Don’t over pack! How many pairs of shorts does junior really need? Remember in most cases everyone will wear their favourite shorts for most of the holidays. A pashmina style scarf or shawl can be worn over shoulders on cooler evenings, as a blanket for you or your little travel lovers or even rolled to make a pillow.

On that note, always roll each item of clothing when packing to maximise on space and keep your clothes somewhat wrinkle-free. However the best tip is to have a change of clothing plus footwear in each carry-on bag. Two changes in the carry-on bags of small kids. This way if something happens to your luggage, or your little one makes a mess – you won’t need to panic. And on that note, always pack a bag within your main suitcase for dirty laundry.


The Holiday Checklist #5


Footwear can be heavy. Depending on your destination – whether its a sun holiday or winter weather one, two pairs of footwear and a pair of flip-flops or sandals for around the pool should suffice. Wear the heaviest pair, pack a pair in your carry-on and then your third in your main luggage.

For the littlest of travellers who still ride around in prams, wheel your stroller right up to the departure gate and ask them to stow it for you on the plane when you board. If you’re bringing a car seat, either buy a protective car seat cover or wrap it in a plastic bag and check it in. When you collect it on the other side – as well as making sure it’s the correct one, check it thoroughly for any structural damage. Some actually buy a second more affordable car seat for travel purposes only.

Holiday Checklist and Packing Tips for Travel with Small Kids - Trampoline - Kids on a Beach

The Holiday Checklist #6


There’s no need to pack more than two swimming outfits for each family member. Swimwear can be washed after use and will usually be dry by the morning. Hang it out in the sun on your veranda or use the rail in your en suite bathroom. Swim shorts can double as shorts throughout the day. And sarongs can be worn as tops and dresses.

The Holiday Checklist #7


Always remember that the maximum volume you can carry on board is 100ml. And as with medications, the best thing to do is pack all your toiletries and make-up into a zip-lock bag and keep them at the top of your carry-on bag. The bulk of your toiletries and makeup can be kept in your main luggage. But don’t over pack!

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When reviewing what you’ve packed ask yourself some of these questions. Do I really need all that makeup foundation on a sun holiday? Am I going to wear perfume or aftershave throughout the day? It might be best to wear an insect repellent rather than an insect attraction!

Deodorant roll-ons are more space friendly than sprays, and so much better for your body and the environment. Do I really need all those nappies? Enough for the first three days should be enough before you can buy some locally. The same can be said for toiletries in general – for example shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

The Holiday Checklist #8


Charge every device to 100% before you leave your house. Remember to pack chargers, preferably in your carry-on bag. Download cartoons, movies and games on tablets for the little ones to keep them entertained during the flight. And remember to pack adapters so that you can charge your devices all over again once you reach your destination.

Kindle and Books

The Holiday Checklist #9

Toys and Books

You will not need 101 toys and books to keep your little ones occupied on the flights or on holiday. They’ll have you and very new surroundings to keep them entertained. And if that doesn’t work – the aforementioned cartoons or movie will help.

However to help with providing some home comforts let your littles chose two of their favourite toys and books to bring with them. Pack them in their carry-on along with their change of clothes and spare footwear. Then when you’re on holidays they might be treated to a new toy or book – perfect as a keepsake too! For you – consider packing a kindle, or downloading a book or two to your phone or tablet, if you’d rather not carry the extra weight of a paperback.

fruit snacks

The Holiday Checklist #10

Snacks and Drinks

When it comes to the food and drink packing checklist, know that baby bottles and baby food are allowed on flights. If your baby is breastfed, he or she should be able to dine anywhere and everywhere, anytime. For those who enjoy milk formula, remember some brands can be bought pre-made, and bottles can be packed sterilised. Making it handy to feed your little one no matter where you are.

But also be advised that all baby foods and drinks will be tested at security check. Snack for your bigger littles should include their favourites, such as fruit pieces, rice cakes and water, lots of water.

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Holiday Checklist and Packing Tips for Travel with Small Kids - The Life of Stuff Checklist

Holiday Checklist and Packing Tips for Travel with Small Kids - The Life of Stuff

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