Travel Toiletries – No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks!

No More Packing Faux Pas with these 6 Perfect Packing Hacks for Your Toiletries

For travel lovers, there’s nothing more exciting than gathering up your things or shopping around for products and clothes for your next travel adventure. And as you’re getting ready to ‘get the show on the road’, you want to make sure that your bags are packed in the most meticulous and methodical way – so that the moment you get to your hotel on the other side of your journey, you can jump in and unpack everything with ease (or feed from your suitcase, whichever works best for you).

One of the worst packing faux pas to make, and one that you’ll be surprised to hear happens to a number of people when traveling, is for them to get to their destination and find that there’s been a shampoo or moisturiser explosion in their suitcase.

Travel Toiletries - No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks! - Packing Toiletries

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Now that travel has opened up across the world after it’s extended forced siesta, more and more people are stretching their legs and wings. And with more travel comes more travel news, and we’re all watching the baggage fees continue to rise, along with everything else. So knowing how to pack efficiently when you’re going on holiday is becoming more and more important – which isn’t a bad thing really and we should all be looking at sustainable travel and travelling sustainably.

When you put some thought and organisation into your packing, not only will you be able to prevent the aforementioned product explosions. but you’ll also be able to save space. In fact saving space could mean the difference between packing a carry-on bag or checking a bag in. So in essence, learning to pack your bags correctly will save you money.

From using solid shampoo bars instead of shampoo in bottles, to using roll-on deodorant instead of sprays – not only will your toiletries be taking up less space in your bag but with some careful consideration you could be making the best sustainable living choices for our environment!

Travel Toiletries - No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks! - Packing Toiletries for Holidays

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So let’s dive in and take a look at how you can make your travel plans much simpler with these packing hacks.

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Travel Tips – 6 Perfect Packing Hacks for Toiletries

Packing Hacks for Toiletries #1 – Go With Multipurpose Toiletries

It’s great to bring shampoo or conditioner bars with you on vacation, but if you’re looking to save some space, you could even try a two in one shampoo and conditioner bar, or use a shampoo that can also double as a body wash.

Consider using a multipurpose moisturiser, one that is suitable for all over your body rather than having one for your hands, one for your face and one for your body. How about an oil that works as makeup remover and a moisturiser? Or why not swap all those disposable cotton pads for a reusable cotton pad that can also double up as a face cloth!

Multipurpose toiletries are the way to go, not only for travelling packing hacks but for everyday life. They’re smart for the environment, for your body and for your pocket. So before you go on holidays, get experimenting and find the products you love. In this way you won’t feel like you’re missing out because you’ve already made the switch.

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Travel Toiletries - No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks! - Packing Toiletry Storage

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Packing Hacks for Toiletries #2 – Be Smart About Toiletry Storage

You don’t need to have giant bottles of soaps and shampoos with you on holiday – there’s a good chance you’re only there for a few weeks at most. Purchase a travel toiletry pack and pour your favourite products into these little bottles instead.

Then think about other smart storage solutions, like keeping your cotton buds or Q-Tips clean and together in an old pill bottle. You can also keep prescription tablets separated in individual pill boxes so that you’re not carrying bulky boxes and bottles.

If you do decide to pack big bottles, then double wrap them in a cellophane bag that you can seal, just in case they do happen to pop open during transit or awkward handling.

Reusable ziploc style bags work a treat, just remember to let all the air out before you zip them shut. And also remember to keep them for your return journey.

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Packing Hacks for Toiletries #3 – Don’t Bring Beauty Appliances

Do you really need to bring a curling iron with you on your travels? Save your space and time and bring some sea salt spray with you instead. This will help you to get natural, beachy waves while you are abroad and make your hair look beautiful and fresh.

There’s also a chance that you’ll want to spend most of your time with your hair up because it’s going to be hot. So just make sure that you bring some of your favourite hair accessories and scarves, that take up little space, but will help you and your hair feel and look great.

Travel Toiletries - No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks! - Toiletry Storage

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Packing Hacks for Toiletries #4 – Makeup Brush Storage

If you don’t want to pack your makeup brushes in your ‘good’ makeup bag or bulky makeup case, pack them in a spare sunglasses case or pencil case instead.

You can buy these for a couple of euros, and they’re perfect for keeping your makeup brushes or loose toiletries together during transit, or as an organiser in your holiday home or hotel bathroom. If using a sunglasses case, wrap a hairband around the outside to keep it secure so it won’t pop open.

Packing Hacks for Toiletries #5 – Bring Plastic Bags With You

Airport Security requires that all gels, aerosols and liquids are stored in plastic bags so that they can be viewed in the security line. One of the best packing hacks if you plan on preparing your toiletries and makeup for a carry-on suitcase or bag, is to pack your toiletries in a plastic ziploc or two before you arrive. Dublin Airport recommend a litre 20x20cm bag, and make sure you don’t exceed the 100ml limit for each liquid packed. Doing this will keep all your bits together and will help you sail through security.

Another tip is to pack some plastic bags, the ‘bag for life’ type – these can be used for shopping, for laundry, for wet swimwear or dirty clothing – believe me they’ll make packing to come home much easier!

Travel Toiletries - No Packing Faux Pas with these Packing Hacks! - Storage

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Packing Hacks for Toiletries #6 – Be Ready for Anything

Ideally, you should keep a toiletry bag on hand, packed with travel sized versions of your favourite beauty and healthcare products, all ready to go. Having it prepared in advance and prepared at a leisurely pace as opposed to dashing about throwing everything into your case is absolutely worth it. Then when you need it, it’s ready and waiting to go on your next travel escape with you.

Packing in this way has the extra advantage when it comes to makeup because even if you do forget something at least you have a travel-sized sample of what you would usually use so you can match it when you arrive. And on that note, keep a note of your makeup products on your phone – the product brand and shade, because if you do plan on shopping, it’ll save you the disappointment of buying the wrong thing.


  1. Get your toiletry bag or plastic ziploc bags (if packing a carry-on bag), ready.
  2. Lay out all the toiletries and makeup you use on a daily basis along with the extras you use for nights out, and any products you’d use for an emergency (antibac cream or spray, plasters etc etc)
  3. Now decide what are the must-haves. Do you really need that massive eyeshadow palette? Or extra large bottle of bubble bath? All those cotton pads?
  4. For the liquid products that are over 100ml – can you get travel versions or pour products into travel bottles?
  5. Consider our packing storage hacks, and use sustainable products that are also multipurpose products.
  6. Pack your toiletry bag or ziploc bags. And count the hours to take off!

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