Hope Ur OK Hun xxxx – Exclusive Interview and Competition

Hope Ur OK Hun ♥♥XXX

Interview and Competition

Hope Ur OK Hun xxxx - Exclusive Interview and Competition

Now when I say this is an exclusive interview, I mean it’s exclusive, the interview part … well you could call it an interview, you could call it an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me by or you could call me being a bit ‘nosey’, I know one person who thought the later, either way the following makes for a great wee read … and I haven’t even started on how deadly the book is! Which btw I got my hands on before it even reached Easons, every good bookshop in the country or even the online E-Book stores! Class or wha?!?

Hope Ur OK Hun xxxx - Exclusive Interview and Competition

How? I hear you ask … did I get my hands on one of the hottest Irish books to hit the stores in 2014 … and how did I get this ‘interview’ in the first place??? … And so without further ado let me tell you how I got an ‘interview’ with Hun from Hope Ur OK Hun xxxx

I’m standing at the luas stop at the back of the Jervis Shopping Centre when I see this woman and her two kids, a boy and a girl, in tow. They’ve just stepped over the tracks when the little girl falls trying to step up onto the pavement. The pavement is a little high in parts around there … anyway the little girl falls and brings the little boy with her. There’s an almighty scream from their mum shouting at her two kids who I now understand to be called Rihanna and Tyrone, and I go to help them. I rush over to the little girl, Rihanna saying I ‘Hope Ur OK Hun‘ and ask her if she’d hurt herself … and that’s when myself and her mum start to talk, well kind of …

Edwina: Ah they’re lovely names Rihanna and Tyrone … little cuties, how did you pick them, the names not the kids?

Hun: eh r u 4 serdious? dats verdy nosey ov u. i named me lil princess ov power ri ri aftur me favrit singer. me lil prince tyrone aftur dat big tik gobshite on de cordinayshun streeh.

Edwina: Actually come to think of it they sound familiar, not because they’re famous names but as kids names … where have I heard them before? … oh yeh! Have you heard of this Facebook page Hope Ur OK Hun … I’m nearly sure the gal that writes it calls herself Hun and has kids with those names …

Hun: r u sum sort ov stawkur weirdo? dats my bleedin page.

Edwina: Ah no way really, you’re her! That’s mad … Gawd it’s a small world isn’t it! Sure you’re nearly as famous as your kids namesake! You know you should really write a book … you’ve a natural talent for telling it as it is!

Hun: eh well actually ive been writin a book de past cuppel ov weaks. me fella nosey hole incurdidged me 2 do it. he seyd id b a verdy gud awtur n dat me life was verdy interestin.

Edwina: Really! and what are you going to put in it … not being cheeky but us that follow the page know a fair bit about you already!

Hun: de book iz de kronikalisayshun ov de run up 2 ri ris communion last year. itz goin 2 b verdy gud.

Edwina: Oh I’d love to get my hands on a copy!

Hun: heyour hav dis wan.

Edwina: Are you sure, oh thanks so much! Ah I’m delighted I met you now. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you. Sorry you missed your luas but there’s another one in 2 minutes …. actually … you know I write a little myself … it’s a different type of writing … it’s a blog called The Life of Stuff, I’ll have to share my news with everyone if that’s OK Hun with you?

Hun: r u fishin 4 anudder free copy? heyour take dis wan aswell. im off 2 sea me GBF [gay best friend] in de square in de Tallaght. he wurks on de make up cownter in boots. he did ri ris make up 4 hur communion n all last year.

Edwina: Oh brilliant – I’ll get a competition going – they’ll be tearing each other’s hair out for it!

Hun: ur de weirdest nosey pass remarkibel ive met dis week. yer verdy ovur familiar. gwan den sea ye aftur i hav 2 go. u bettur plug my book on yer blob or watevur ye call it. its verdy gud valu at €7.99 n itz available frum easons n ye can get it on de kindle on de Amazon aswell


And so there you have it … and here’s my copy… signed with a kiss to top it all … loving the ‘vibrant’ lippy … and the size is brilliant … perfect for packing into your handbag or man-bag … 

Hope Ur OK Hun xxxx - Exclusive Interview and Competition

So with my hands on an extra copy for The Life of Stuff readers to give away here’s how you can win your very own copy of Hope Ur OK Hun ♥♥XXX :

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In the comment box BELOW leave your name and the answer to this question …
Name Hun’s two kids?

1) Rihanna & Tyrone
2) Gaga & Niall 
3) Katie & Jordan

The closing date for entries is Sunday June 29th and the winner will be notified by email by Monday June 30th. If you just can’t wait to win a copy,Hope Ur OK Hun ♥♥XXX is available from Easons Bookshops tomorrow June 17th and all other great bookshops in days to come for €7.99! ONLY! It will also be available from in the E-Book format really soon too so keep an eye out!


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  1. Rihanna and Tyrone .. I’d be on de tick trayn if I didn’t know dah…Choo Choo