6 Healthy Ways Keeping Pets Benefits Your Child

How Keeping Pets Benefits Your Child

Whether you are just getting through the teething phase of parenting or coming into the teenage years, there are benefits of having and keeping pets that cover all ages. So, if your kids have been asking for that puppy, kitten or guinea pig here are some reasons why now may be the right time to consider this properly.

6 Ways Keeping Pets Benefits Your Child:

Decreases Allergies

There is research to suggest that children who are raised around and grow up in a house with pets are likely to have a better immune system and are less likely to develop as many allergies or asthma due to an antibody being found within children’s immune systems which helps fight this along with other common infections. This suggests that children with pets are less likely to get ill from common infections such as the common cold and end up needing less time off school.

6 Ways Keeping Pets Benefits Your Child - Man Petting a Dog

Teaches Responsibilities

Having a pet requires a level of attention and responsibilities to ensure they are well cared for. By raising your child with a pet you can instil and teach responsibilities and shares some of these tasks with them. For example, depending on the age of your child, they could walk the dog daily, or for younger children, they could have the responsibility of feeding the guinea pig food. This will not only teach responsibilities, a skill that they can build on into adulthood but it will give them a sense of achievement.

Provides Comfort And Companionship

Irrespective of age, pets can offer companionship and comfort to all family members including your children. By having their presence and the ability to run their fingers through their fur they are providing support and security. This can help your child feel less anxious and can also provide them with an additional family member to speak to. Although they don’t answer back pets, are great listeners and can allow your child to speak to them.

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Can Keep Family Communication Open

Having a family pet, bonds you all together. It gives you a reason as a family to get out and partake in activities together. This can be anything from a family dog walk to sitting together and grooming your pet or even cleaning their hutch out. You’ll all be able to slow down and use this time to communicate together, from conversations around your pet to anything else on your or their minds.

Promotes A Healthier Lifestyle

From getting out of the house daily to walk to the dog, to spending time playing with your pet playing in the garden. Having a pet promotes a healthier lifestyle and encourages your child and you to get out and enjoy the fresh air more and be a healthier version of yourself.

6 Ways Keeping Pets Benefits Your Child - A Sleepy Cat

Teaches The Circle Of Life

Although not a topic we necessarily want to expose our children to, it is an important life lesson. A pet can be the first real loss that your child will ever experience and learning how to deal with circumstances like this can help with their future emotional development with other big life experiences.

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