Planning your Wedding Tips – 4 Details to Focus On

Planning Your Wedding – It’s in the Details

When you’re planning your wedding, you need to keep an eye on the details. Whether it’s choosing the wedding envelopes on knowing your skin type to choose the best makeup for you, there are so many details to consider – it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

The key is to make sure you relax, take a deep breath, and approach things in a methodical way. Making a list of things to take care of can be invaluable – but what should be on it?

1. The Checklist – It Pays to Pay Attention to the Details

Planning your Wedding Tips - 4 Details to Focus On - Wedding Checklist

Taking your time and putting in the work to ensure you get everything seen to ahead of time will ultimately make for a more relaxing wedding planning experience. It means you will be able to enjoy your special day, safe in the knowledge that everything from the cake to the colour of your envelopes are all absolutely perfect for you.

To make sure that you have everything in order, be sure to sit down and make a checklist along with notes about your preferences for each item on the checklist. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t forget anything from table runners to flowers. In fact it’s essential when planning your wedding.

2. Invitations & Envelopes

Planning your Wedding Tips - 4 Details to Focus On - Wedding Invitations

Getting your wedding invitations is essential to setting the tone for the rest of your wedding. You need to think about the colour scheme you’re going to choose for your wedding, and be sure that your invitation and the envelopes you send them in both compliment that colour scheme. Your invitations and the envelopes you send them in can set the tone for the whole event – whether you intend to have a more casual or formal ceremony, as well as ensuring the details of the special day are set.

3. Accessories and Decorations

Planning your Wedding Tips - 4 Details to Focus On - Wedding Accessories & Decorations

It’s worth taking a few minutes to just imagine your perfect wedding scene in your head – what do you see? Have a notepad with you, and either think about making some sketches or some notes about the way you see things. It depends on your personal tastes what kind of decisions you will make. Some people prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, some prefer a more rusting and homespun feel, and others like the utmost in modernity. There’s no right or wrong answers. Start thinking about what those decorations would look like, begin browsing the internet for thoughts and inspiration, and solicit the opinions of your partner and nearby friends and family for more ideas.

4. The Wedding Menu

Planning your Wedding Tips - 4 Details to Focus On - Wedding Menu

Getting your menus finished can be a huge step towards the final day. There are many ways to pick the perfect menu for you, but when you’ve decided on the menu itself the work isn’t over. It’s also important to make sure the final menu printing matches the tone of your day. The right printed menu can add a wonderful finishing touch to your special day, keeping everything cohesive. Colour scheme, fonts, and the way your menus are presented all make subtle differences to a wedding atmosphere.


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