The 3rd Policeman, Rathmines, Dublin


The 3rd Policeman


The 3rd Policeman is an Antiques and Vintage shop on the Rathmines Road in Dublin. I mentioned some of my favourite Vintage Shops in my post about Dublin Shopping here, I also mentioned that there are gems just outside the city centre and this folks is one of them. Depending on how you much you like to walk, you can easily get here by foot from the city centre, if not you can always jump on one of the 15’s, an 18 or an 83 … there are more buses than that so just check the Dublin Bus website.

Anyhoo back to The 3rd Policeman and what it’s all about. As mentioned it’s an Antiques and Vintage Shop. It’s family run by Mum and Dad, Denise and Ed and son Alistair who all hail from Dublin. They have a passion for all things Antique and Vintage and carefully handpick all their stock from around Europe with the majority of it coming from France … Oh là là! The 3rd Policeman has been around for a little over a year and is no secret to the majority of vintage lovers. From the first moment I stepped into the shop over a year ago it made an impression on me and if you’re an antique or vintage lover you’re sure to fall in love with the place too.

Once inside the door you will realise you’ve walked into a treasure chest of loveliness. Pieces of antique furniture are carefully placed around the shop, antique items like typewriters, lamps, paintings and home-wares adorn the shelves. Vintage hats, boots, bags and jewellery aren’t just displayed, they are merchandised stylishly which gives the place a photogenic appeal. Towards the back of the shop you’ll find the majority of the vintage clothing that cater for both women and men and include some fabulous dresses and a great selection of jackets and coats, which are reasonably priced and in excellent condition. If you are into vintage fashion you’ll definitely find something to tickle your fancy.

The 3rd Policeman don’t have a website just yet but I’ve been advised that it’s coming soon. For now if you’d like to keep up with what’s happening and have a goo at what they have to offer, you can connect with them on Facebook here, either that or pay them a visit and sure I might bump into you there 🙂 …

 The 3rd Policeman

The 3rd Policeman

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