Ireland – in a new light by Chris Hill and Colin McCadden

Ireland – in a new light

Ireland - in a new light by Chris Hill and Colin McCadden

I often get contacted about new products, music or happenings through The Life of Stuff. I suppose you could say it’s all part of my blogging, writing and sharing experience. It’s a part I’m very fond of too because I love information and I love to share. My interests are varied but I’m particular about what and who I support and most importantly what I publish here online. Research, reading and questions go hand in hand with every article published. I would also say that it’s evident from reading The Life of Stuff that I’m a proud Irish woman who loves this country I call home. Unfortunately like many who call Ireland home, I also have issues with Ireland that ‘grind my gears’ but I prefer to keep The Life of Stuff positive as I think there are enough avenues available to vent frustrations and anger.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Mayo
Ashford Castle, Cong, Mayo

So back to a positive note, a few weeks ago I was sent a press release about a new book Ireland – in a new light. Natually my attention was caught as Ireland was mentioned. The next to catch my attention were the opening few lines …

Best friends traveled the length and breadth of Ireland to capture its stunning and varied landscapes, intertwining breathtaking imagery with involving commentary, in this unique interactive iBook.’ (

The press release went on to add that Ireland – in a new light was a totally new experience to the world of electronic reading as it allows the reader to interact with the book by tapping and swiping through photographic galleries. It also includes a number of related websites, historical and political context and touches on myths and legends. It’s specificaly designed for the iPad which makes it an iBook. I’ve included this information at the beginning as not all readers will have access to iTunes or an iPad, however I have more information below that may interest you if this is the case.

Benbulben Mountains, Sligo
Benbulben Mountains, Sligo

Ireland – in a new light is brought to you by National Geographic photographer, Chris Hill and his best mate, Graphic Designer and Writer, Colin McCadden. These two talented men who call Belfast their home set out together, often in a campervan to record Ireland as it can be seen today. The project took about two and a half years, the distance covered was more than 25,000 miles, Chris took over 30,000 photographs, with some scenery captured from a helicopter! To put it simply and to describe it’s content is easily done. It is stunning. 

Chris Hill said …

With the freedom of the Campervan there were many times when we discovered breathtaking scenery off the usual tourist trails, undoubtedly rarely seen by most visitors to Ireland.”

Colin McCadden added …

In most cases my commentary has simply tried to complement Chris’s amazing photography, but I have also provided additional historical and educational aspects and facts which I know will be of interest to many.”

Hookhead lighthouse; Wexford
Hookhead lighthouse; Wexford

I’ve travelled to the four corners of the world so it has always been on my agenda to ensure I travel to the four corners of Ireland too. I have been to many well known places of interest, however looking and reading this book has made me realise that there are so many more I want to visit. I think the book also helps you understand why so many vistors come here year after year to see the beauty we have on our doorsteps.

Spread over more than 240 pages the ibook captures stunning scenery, ancient ruins, man-made structures, beautiful buildings and bridges and of course there is an odd sheep, horse and cow in 420 photographs. The iBook itself is the end result of a published series of hard backed coffee-table books by Hill and McCadden called Scenic Ireland where they covered each of Ireland’s provinces. For those who don’t have access to iTunes or an iPad these books can be purchased online from Scenic Ireland at I know I’d love them for my coffee table!

WB Yeats, County Sligo
WB Yeats, County Sligo

At €12.99 for Ireland – in a new light, I think this ibook would make a wonderful gift for those who love Ireland, whether they are far from the Emerald Isle or living here on it. It is inspirational and beautiful. The clarity of the photographs make you feel like you are there. The beauty makes you want to be there. The insight gained through the words written are educational. I was also surprised that I actually had to take so many double takes when looking at the photographs, saying to myself ‘that doesn’t look like Ireland’, but it was and it is, which makes the title ‘in a new light’ very apt.

To purchase Ireland – in a new light you can visit Scenic Ireland here

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