Bevvy of the Week – San Miguel Fresca

San Miguel Fresca

San Miguel Fesca

Anybody who drinks beer and has been on holidays to Spain in the past will know San Miguel. I myself have fond memories of it and from time to time I will pick up a few bottles of this beer for old times sake, when I can find it that is.

I like San Miguel original but I know people that find it a bit heavy, they are also into a crisper beer. San Miguel must know a few too because they have produced San Miguel Fresca and it’s new to the Irish market.

San Miguel Fresca has a bit of the San Miguel original character but is a crisp, lighter, fresher beer. If you like Corona and Sol this beer is for you and at €9 for six bottles you can’t go wrong. You should find it in most Off Licences.

Cheers, Sláinte,


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