Bevvy of the Week – Kiwi Cuvée

Kiwi Cuvée

 Bevvy of the Week - Kiwi Cuvée

Everybody knows that New Zealand wines are very popular at the moment and have been for some time, and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is most people’s tipple of choice.

Kiwi Cuvée wine is the outcome of the French trying to get in on the action of and take a slice of the pie from New Zealand.

Visually, Kiwi Cuvée shouts New Zealand, and you could be forgiven for thinking so as the name and bottling can throw you. But the French have really hit the nail on the head with this wine. It’s a Vin the France and the varietals are Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

The Sauvignon Blanc shows some characteristic of a New Zealand but is a bit more crisp. It’s pack full of fruit and is ideal for a lazy sunny afternoon.

The Pinot Noir is light and fruity with very soft tannins. Again perfect for those sunny evenings.

I really enjoyed both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot and for less the €10 you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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  1. So did I! Turns out they got blocked in New Zealand because of the name. But overall, such a good bottlesparkle that you can have on their own. Like you said, they really did hit the nail on the head with this one

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