Fashion Fix – Top 3 Emerging Irish Fashion Design Styles

Top 3 Emerging Irish Fashion Design Styles

Ireland is a country with many different cultures, and it shows in its fashion. From traditional designs to contemporary styles, there are plenty of Irish designers creating clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. These three emerging designs show how diverse Ireland’s fashion industry can be.

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Wearable Art Design

Wearable art design is a new and exciting field that combines fashion with art. Designers use materials to create conceptual clothes that are often multidimensional, such as sculpted fabric and metal. The art explores the relationship between clothing and body; it is evident in fashion wear and sculpture.

The designs are often intricately crafted with materials such as metal, porcelain and glass. The clothes usually have interesting textures and shapes which reflect onto the wearer’s body shape. There is also an element of performance involved with wearable art clothes – their look can change depending on what environment you wear them in.

Designers use different techniques for creating these pieces, including laser cutting, hand stitching, painting and printmaking. So, if you’re a fashion designer or fashion lover, you might even want to get Irish citizenship to get a first-hand experience of creating wearable art design using some of the techniques and methods renowned in Ireland – from weaving Irish linen, to making Irish lace, or working with Irish wool.


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Vintage Wear

Vintage wear has long been popular in Ireland – amongst those who like to create their own style rather than following fads. However this type of fashion design style has recently seen a resurgence as a popular fashion trend.

An example of a great vintage design is the kilt. These skirts which usually represent Irish and Scottish identity and heritage are taking over fashion worldwide. Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have for many years tipped their hat to tartan on the runway, and their fashion houses still do – but with the likes of Lil Nas X and Kanye West wearing kilts on stage – it has brought the design to the attention of music fans and culture.

Made from a range of tartan fabrics, with some even featuring an elastic waistband, these skirts aren’t only stylish, they’re comfortable, and easy to wear for many different occasions. The vintage styles are also popular because they don’t look too heavy and formal like many other skirts. In addition, there is a large variety in the length of these kilts, so you can find one to suit whatever event or occasion you need it for.

Kilts come in different patterns as well, such as houndstooth checkerboard and Harris Tweed. This means that if your favourite pattern isn’t available in a specific style, then there’s still an option for you.

These designs have taken off quickly because they’re perfect for any season; with their lightweight fabric (usually wool), people will always be able to wear them no matter what kind of weather Ireland has on offer at the time.


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Handmade Designs

Handmade designs are a new fashion fix trend in the fashion industry. Handmade garments are more comfortable and of better quality than store-bought clothes. The clothing has become more “rustic” instead of common high street brands that often use cheaper fabrics for lower quality items. Consumers find these clothes much more attractive than other stores because they want something unique rather than what everyone else is wearing.

However, handmade clothes are more expensive than store-bought clothing, but the quality and comfort are worth it. The price difference often makes up for the better experience of wearing a garment made with love, care, skill, creativity and precision. And if you are on a path to living more sustainably then this choice of Irish fashion design style is perfect for you – buy less but better, and wear longer.

Ireland is a place where fashion and art merge. There are many emerging Irish designs that you don’t want to miss out on, such as those mentioned above. If you’re looking for something different in your wardrobe, these designs will be perfect to wear with pride.

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