Irish Jewellery Design: Jenny Huston and Edge Only

Edge Only – A Luxury Brand for Individuals and Black Sheep

In July of this year I featured Edge Only in a post “10 Irish Designed Jewellery You’ll Covet“. The post featured one glorious piece of jewellery from 10 different Irish Jewellery Designers. 

However as I covet not just one piece of jewellery from Edge Only, but in fact every piece, including the brand new collection “Mechanical“, which introduces “Edge Only BLACK”, alongside the hallmarked sterling silver and 14 carat gold already used in past collections. I felt it only right that I help celebrate covetable, quirky, quality and ethically made Irish designed jewellery … that screams wear me, wear me! from the break of dawn to … the break of dawn.

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Irish Jewellery Design: Jenny Huston and Edge Only
Men’s Countersink Pendant €199.00
Flat Matt Ring €155
Squared Off Ring €169.00
Flat Top Lightning Bolt Pendant Black €185.00
Countersink Earrings €149.00

The mastermind behind Edge Only is Jenny Huston. I had the pleasure of connecting with Jenny here on The Life of Stuff through Q&A which you’ll find when you scroll down. I love knowing a little bit about the designer whose work I admire. I feel it makes it even more special to actually know the story behind the jewellery you wear. Before you create it’s new story.

All images in this post are courtesy of Edge Only and feature pieces from the newest collection ‘Mechanical’.

To give you a little insight into what this collection is all about here’s what Jenny had to say:

‘Edge Only is becoming the go to brand for creative professionals looking for high-end pieces with an alternative take. They are seeking greater wearability from the pieces they own. We are a brand that ensures that our male and female customers get equal billing. This collection has an industrial edge to it, but with a polished contemporary feel.’


Q&A’s with Irish Jewellery Designer Jenny Huston from Edge Only

1. What was your inspiration to be come a Jewellery Designer?

The Mother is a very talented goldsmith and gemmologist (she set up the Crafts Council of Ireland Jewellery Skills Course back in 1993 and ran it for 14 years). I grew up spending time in the workshop and selling precious jewellery in shops through college, so I always had a love of and respect for fine jewellery.

The inspiration to design came from being a rock DJ and wanting to wear edgier designs that reflected my casual style (and the style of the people I worked with and interviewed), but that didn’t seem to exist in quality jewellery. Sapphires rubies and emeralds can feel excessive at a music festival!

2. How did you officially become a Jewellery Designer?

After leaving RTÉ I started discussing designs that I wanted my mum to make for me. She suggested I design a collection, as I had a clear idea of what I wanted to wear and knew no shortage of goldsmiths! It happened as simply and as quickly as that. I started sketching and signed up for a Start Your Own Business Course the following month.

3. Where do you take creative inspiration from for your work?

I think I’m odd in that regard. Hardware shops are heaven to me – I get excited by drill bits and everyday objects. The fun is in reducing, refining and elevating them.

4. What’s the wackiest request you’ve had to date for commission work?

I turn them down! I make larger and smaller versions of Edge Only designs (or take parts from one design and tweak them, like taking letters from ROCK, GEEK & DJ ) and will make them in any precious metal desired, but I turn down most one-off commissions in order to focus on Edge Only production and our next collection.

5. What would be your ultimate design commission?

A piece of jewellery for Kate Moss or someone whose style or music I really admire

6. Where would you love to exhibit your designs – the dream?

I would love to experience London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week at least once. They feel like a right of passage for designers in the same way that SXSW is for musicians. Hard work, crazy hours, but energising and fun!


For more info, to purchase, or to connect visit the Edge Only: 

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Irish Jewellery Design: Jenny Huston and Edge Only

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