Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages with Jiminy Eco Toys

Gift Guide Inspiration: Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages with Jiminy Eco Toys

We’re big fans of sustainable living here at The Life of Stuff HQ. Over the past number of years we’ve taken little sustainable steps, from the way we shop, to the way we cook. Taking small steps has meant the changes we’ve made to becoming more sustainable have been sustainable in their own right.

The way we see it, if you make little life changes along the way, these changes have a better chance of lasting. And before you know it, these little changes are your new routine.

Jiminy Eco Toys - Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages - The Life of Stuff

When the opportunity arose to review a selection eco-friendly products from Jiminy Eco Toys, we welcomed it with open arms. Not only is it a super way of showing our support for an Irish company, but we also knew it’d be a great opportunity to get the word out – that there are some amazing eco-friendly gifts available, that are suitable for all ages!

Did you Know? Jiminy Eco Toys:

  • are climate-kind and minimal-waste.
  • are mostly made locally from plants or recycled materials.
  • are transparent about what each toy is made from, and where it’s from – all details are featured on their website.
  • have featured on the RTÉ News, The Late Late Toy Show and The Irish Times 100 Retailers.
  • won the Chambers Ireland Sustainable Business Impact Awards 2022.

So whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, Christmas gift or a gift for no reason – keep the eco-friendly option at the top of your list.

Here to inspire you are The Life of Stuff HQ Boys; Smith (7) and Cassidy (5), testing, tasting and thrilling their way through some top Jiminy Eco Toys!

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages with Jiminy Eco Toys

Baff Bombz Eco Bath Bombs: Educational Solar System

Baff Bombz Solar System (€12.50) are skin safe, stain free, easy clean and drain safe. Included in the pack are nine skin-kind bath bombs. Each bath bomb represents a planet and comes with its own planetary fact card.

Age: 3+

What Smith & Cassidy say: Bath time √ Bath Bombs with bath time √√√. The boys loved the fizzing and colour explosion in the bath. In their words ‘it’s so cool’.

What we, the parents say: Knowing these little bath bombs of delight are skin safe and stain free as well as eco-friendly does make you feel more comfortable about adding them to your little ones bath.

We also loved the planetary fact cards, and made their addition into a bath time quiz game – we picked a planet bath bomb for the bath, watched it fizz and change the colour of the water, read the fact card and then had a quiz to see how much we’d learnt!

Me&Mine Handmade Catapult

These handmade Me&Mine Wooden Catapults (€12.99) are handcrafted using sustainability-certified beechwood and natural rubber. Available in yellow, coral or mint, each catapult comes with two pompoms and is packed in a recycled gift box.

Age: 7+

What Smith & Cassidy say: The boys love this little wooden gadget. Aiming and shooting at things is always a hit for children, and they’re still working on their technique!

What we, the parents say: Well our first thought was ‘A catapult, in our home? I don’t think so!’. But after a brief chat on where is safe to aim (no eyes, vases, ornaments etc), and the fact that the little included pompoms are so soft, we’re all for these gorgeously carved wooden toys.

We’re giving the thumbs up for a fun, durable, eco-friendly toy that’s great for children’s hand-eye coordination and development.

Stabilo Woody Window / All-Surface Solid-Paint Pencils

Jiminy Eco Toys - Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages - Stabilo Woody Window, All-Surface Solid-Paint Pencils and Sharpener

STABILO Woody window / all-surface solid-paint pencils are chunky solid paint in a wooden pencil. They work on all surfaces including glass and wipe off easily. Use as solid colours or as paint with a wet paintbrush. Packs include a six pack (6 Colour Pencils and Sharpener €15.48), or ten pack, with white (€2.20), black and gold sold separately.

Age: 3+

What Smith & Cassidy say: The boys absolutely love these colours. They found them easy to hold, and the colour layering fun. We let them run amok on our blackboard and they’ve added a new little drawing every day since! And they can’t wait to get started on the windows!

What we, the parents say: The boys absolutely love these colours and couldn’t wait to show off their creative talents. Art, crafts and creative expression is important to us as parents and so it’s wonderful to be able to nourish these qualities that children naturally have.

We haven’t tried painting with them just yet, and a window for designing will be designated soon – I’m thinking the stain glass effect will look fab with their designs. We did however try the pencils out on a watermelon, and they worked a treat. Which means I’ll be doing the same with our pumpkins when the time comes!

PLAYin CHOC Mixed 6 Pack Gift Set

This PLAYin CHOC Mixed 6 Pack Gift Set (€17.99 for box of 6, €2.99 each) contained six individual boxes, with an animal theme. Two woodland animals, two endangered animals and two dinosaurs – along with a fun fact card with each animal and some delicious ‘Great Taste’ chocolate.

In actual fact Jiminy Eco Toys tell us these PLAYin Choc Boxes are ‘100% organic, vegan, GM-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, free of refined sugar, home-compostable, plastic-free, and locally-made.’  And there are 60 different toys to collect!

What Smith & Cassidy say: When we asked the boys what they thought of the PLAYin Choc Boxes compared with the plastic egg style chocolate surprises they’ve enjoyed in the past, they let us know very clearly that they preferred the PLAYin Choc Boxes 100%. Not only was each toy within the gift box different, but when they were finished building and playing, they were able to pack their toys away neatly for another days play. Plus the chocolate was yummy!

What we, the parents say: There really is no comparison to other chocolate and toy products. As well as being kind to the earth, the PLAYin Choc boxes look gorgeous both inside and out. The artistic graphics and designs are so tasteful, the animal toys are creative are charming, the fun fact cards are cute and informative and the vegan chocolate would give any milk chocolate a run for its money! We love everything about them!

PlayMais Make 6 Masks Kit

Jiminy Eco Toys - Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages - PlayMais Classic

Jiminy Eco Toys have a number of PlayMais kits available and we got to try out their PlayMais Make 6 Masks Kit (€19.99). This particular kit included 500 PlayMais pieces, six masks with elasticated string, two plastic knives and felt.

PlayMais is made from corn, water and food coloring, meaning its 100% natural, safe and biodegradable! PLUS, and this is a big PLUS, there’s no need for glue! Yep, you heard that right! You just wet your mais using the dampened felt and get creating!

Age: 5+

What Smith & Cassidy say: Well I think they’re faces, photos and creations say it all really! Both boys loved the freedom of creativity the PlayMais offered. Cassidy needed a little assistance cutting some of the PlayMais pieces but worked independently from then on. Smith who designed a treehouse mask worked completely independently. In fact his top tip to other children for cutting a PlayMais piece is to move the PlayMais piece over the still knife, not the other way around!

What we, the parents say: Easy to use, creative, safe, no glue needed, bright and fun, minimum mess – what’s not to like! And you don’t need to limit your children to just making masks – Smith created a full woodland scene including a treehouse!

Poppik Oceans’ Poster & Stickers Kit

The Poppik Oceans’ Poster & Stickers Kit (€20.50) contains a huge frameable poster (100 x 65cm) designed by Artist Lucie Brunellière, 50 phthalate free vinyl stickers, and pouch. Each sticker is numbered, and matches the corresponding space on the poster with the name of each ocean creature listed below.

There are a number of other editions such as ‘Forest’, Animals of the World and ‘Insects’, as well as mini posters (€8.50) such as ‘Jungle’, ‘Garden’ and ‘Seaside’

Jiminy Eco Toys - Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages Poppik 'Oceans' Poster & Stickers Kit - Learning Fun

Age: 6+

What Smith & Cassidy say: This project needs some concentration but the boys were all for it. And even at five, Cassidy had no problem finding the numbers and matching the stickers to them. In fact Cassidy isn’t usually a big fan of stickers, but the feel of these vinyl ones are so much nicer to the touch that he thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck (no pun intended) in!

What we, the parents say: The design of this poster is beautiful, and informative. It’s perfect for encouraging developmental skills – numeracy and accuracy. The boys have completed a little of the poster each day, keeping the stickers on the folds till last, to allow us to fold and pack it away without damaging it – the plan is to frame it when they do complete it.

Dr Zigs: My First Giant Bubble Kit

My First Giant Bubble Kit (€24.99) by Dr Zigs is a family run Welsh business and they make the best giant bubble toys in the world! The kit comes with everything you need (apart from water) to make over 1000 bubbles! Inside the kit you’ll find 100ml of bubble mix concentrate, which makes 1 litre bubble mix, one giant bubble rope, wands and Dr Zigs tips, tricks and instructions.

Age: All ages

What Smith & Cassidy say: More, more, more! Looking for an all season garden toy? Well the boys tested the Dr Zigs Bubbles out on a blue skied winter’s day and they worked a treat. They couldn’t make up their mind whether it was more fun to make the bubbles or chase them, so they took it in turns.

What we, the parents say: Whether it’s sandal or welly boot weather, we know Dr Zigs Bubbles are going to be a huge hit all year round. The bubble mixture is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. After the boys were finished playing we just dried out the rope and wands and packed them away for the next time. Toys that are simple, fun, long-lasting and encourage fresh air and run about time, always get a thumbs up from us.

das.Brett Bouncy Wooden Balance Board/Wobble board

Jiminy Eco Toys - Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages - das Brett bouncy wooden balance board - wobble board

The das.Brett Bouncy Wooden Balance Board/Wobble board (€104.99 – €138.99) from Jiminy Eco Toys is an all-rounder when it comes to families. Younger Children can use it for balancing, wobbling, kneeling or lying on. It’s also a super addition to playtime, where it can be used as a slide or bridge for their toys.

Older children, teens and adults (up to 120 kg or 18 st 12 lbs) can use it for low or high intensity workouts. In face each board comes with a fully illustrated instruction booklet detailing fitness, gymnastic and yoga exercises.

The das.Brett Bouncy Wooden Balance Board/Wobble board is made from natural beechwood from a sustainable forest in Germany. The oils and are naturally sourced, and the cork (which you can opt for depending on your floor type and whether you plan on using it outside on grass) is also natural.

What Smith & Cassidy say: A huge hit! Balancing, wobbling, standing, sitting, lying, practicing yoga moves, playing … I’m surprised I didn’t find the the das.Brett Balance Board in one of their beds!

What we, the parents say: A big hit with us too! Especially because we get to show our balancing act out as well. See boys, Mum and Dad can do that too! It’ll be a nice addition to some home workouts and yoga sessions. Next on the agenda is getting granny to try it out!

We opted for the oiled mint with no cork cladding. We have wooden floors throughout so while the boys are young and getting used to balancing it’ll be used with a playmat or yoga mat to keep it from slipping. As they get older they won’t need this safety precaution. Another reason for opting for no cork bottom is to give us the option of using it outside on the grass on good weather days.

If you’re unsure which style will suit your home best, just ask Sharon at Jiminy Eco Toys – she’s full of down to earth (where am I going with all these puns) information.

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Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids of All Ages with Jiminy Eco Toys - The Life of Stuff

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