My Arthurs Day 2012 in Photos

Arthur’s Day in Dublin, September 27th 2012


My Arthur’s Day 2012 in Dublin was great craic. The Guinness was flowing and the music was pumping throughout the city. We started the evening with a swift pint in Café En Seine, it was en route to our destination and with pints at a special offer of €2.50 … sure why not! The next port of call was Kehoe’s on South Anne Street, again en route and with the clock nearing 17.59 we popped in and then stepped out onto the street with our creamy pints of black in hand. There was quite a bustle about the place and we cheered and sláinte -d with a few strangers when the clock did strike. Past Bruxelles which was absolutely jammers, we made our way to Wexford Street and that is where we remained for the rest of the evening.

Half our night was spent in The Village where we bopped to the hip-hop Sligo boys This Side Up who really got the crowd going with their catchy lyrics and tunes. We got a taster of those crazy Limerick lads The Rubberbandits but as the time neared 10pm it was time to head next door to Whelans, where we caught the last of the gorgeous Amy McDonald and then cheered and sang along to the brilliant Mumford and Sons. Photo’s are hazy and some are only recognisible to myself as I was using my phone to capture the moments but I’ll share the better ones with you. I got to meet the one and only Dave Fanning which I’m chuffed about and I got cuddles from 12 foot high mascots which was fun. I met some really lovely people, probably drank one too many pints of the black shtuff but all in all it was a night to remember and full of fun … and sure isn’t that what it’s all about …

Subconsciously that morning I had dressed like a human pint of Guinness

And it begins with the first pint of the evening in Café En Seine

Next up was Kehoe’s on South Anne Street to cheer in 17.59

Whelans – if you’re not on the list …

The one and only Dave Fanning from Fanning Show 2fm

The Village – This Side Up

My Mascot friends outside Whelans

 Whelans – Amy McDonald

Whelans – Mumford and Sons

It’s all over

Don’t Forget ↓

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