My Cocktail Masterclass at Harry’s on the Green, Dublin 2

Harry’s on the Green, 2 King Street, Dublin 2

My Cocktail Masterclass at Harry's on the Green, Dublin 2

I was no stranger to Harry’s on the Green when I was invited to the establishment last Thursday evening to join a lovely group of eleven lively ladies for a Cocktail Masterclass and my first ever Zomato Meet Up (I’m a ‘Big Foodie’ you see).

I’d tasted Harry’s cocktails, sipped on his beers, nibbled on his finger food and watched the world go by from his small but ideally placed people watching beer garden before. However I hadn’t been there for a Cocktail Masterclass so I was excited to see what Harry’s had in store for me, and to meet my new friends.  

My Cocktail Masterclass at Harry's on the Green, Dublin 2

I’ve been to a cocktail making class before, the type of one that most Irish lassies of my age have been to. The type of one that can be described in these few words; hens, party, pink, boa’s, sex on the beach. Of course it was tacky fun at the time, how could it not be fun when you’re surrounded by the silliness of friends, ridiculous attire and bright coloured cocktails but at the end of the day it’s more like a class for dossers because you very rarely learn anything apart from how sore your head can be the next day.

Harry’s on the Green Cocktail Masterclass was a different kettle of fish. The old worldly decor and stylish ambience set the scene to begin with. Scattered around the plush looking bar and lounge were couples enjoying meals, groups enjoying beers and ‘in the know’ cocktail loving friends sipping on iced concoctions. 

Our class took place at a specially designated bar within Harry’s lounge area. Ideal because although we were in our own area where we could happily leave our coats and clobber safe and in sight while we were distracted with our class, we weren’t excluded from what else was going on in the Bar and Lounge.

My Cocktail Masterclass at Harry's on the Green, Dublin 2

Starting the class with a glass of Moët with added mango caviar set the class and its students up for a straight A’s and it was a great icebreaker for the group.

Our Cocktail Masterclass guru’s for the night were Ryan and Ben but as the place was open for business we got to witness the whole crew in action and it was a pleasure to see.

We made three cocktails in total that night and they weren’t the type of cocktails you’d rustle up on a Friday night from the comfort of your home, nor the type you get on holiday with half an orange, a banana and a ‘little umbrella’ hanging onto the glass for dear life. These were the real deal made with the best of ingredients, just as all the cocktails they serve are. They were carefully planned, mixed, tried and tested, an inexperienced Mixologists nightmare but a cocktail lover’s dream.

From start to finish, adding each ingredient to our cocktail shakers as directed by our instructors, we carefully measured, poured, shook and strained our cocktails to perfection. We learnt about the ingredients we added to each and amazed at the results of some of the concoctions … who would have thought balsamic vinegar and basil could taste so good in a Mai Tai.

With each cocktail came a canapé to accompany it … The Chili Mango Margarita was accompanied by tasty Prawn and Lettuce Tacco’s and Smoked Salmon & Crab Meat Rolls, the Mai Tai with delicious Duck, Chorizo and Melon Rolls, the PCBG Cocktail was paired with delectable Duck Bites. Each Cocktail perfectly paired, complimenting each sip and bite.

From Cognac to herbal extracts our Masterclass tutors were full of passion sharing their knowledge with us their eager to learn students but it wasn’t all work and no play because it was done so with humour and lighthearted fun.

Harry’s Cocktail Masterclass is perfect for that after-work team building night out, for that ‘Hen Party’ that aims for more class than crass, for friends who fancy a night out doing something more than just drinking. I’d easily do it all again and recommend it – and if that’s not the highest compliment then I don’t know what is.

Masterclasses range in price from €26.50 to €36.50 per person.

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