My Open House Dublin 2012 in Photo’s

Open House Dublin 5 – 7 October 2012


Built Dublin: Everyday Landmarks & the Custom House

Yesterday my good gentleman and I took the free tour of ‘Built Dublin: Everyday Landmarks’ and visited the Custom House as part of Open House Dublin which was organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation. This years theme was ‘Architecture Alive’ and the aim was to celebrate Dublin through its Architecture and through the people who experience it. There were over a 100 buildings of all types and from different periods open to visitors and special tours were set up free of charge so it was nice to avail of one. We had planned on taking the ‘Dublin Docklands by Water’ tour as well but the queues were long, so a mental note to be remembered for next year is to arrive very early.

The ‘Built Dublin: Everyday Landmarks’ tour focused on the Smithfield Market area of Dublin and payed attention to buildings and architecture of local housing developments, parks, the old court house, the Market building and Smithfield Square itself. It was really nice to look at these used and everyday buildings and to hear about snippets of history from our guide. I took plenty of photo’s as per usual which you can see for yourself, I being the snap happy lady that I am and I decided to post them in Black & White to give an old feel to what is a very historic part of Inner City Dublin. Custom House, which was designed by architect James Gandon (he also designed the Four Courts) is pretty self explanatory as it dominantly stands by the quays and I took a few photo’s of the building both inside and out. If you are at all familiar with these areas, these photo’s should jog some memories or indeed be very familiar to you in your everyday life.

The River House – Architect John Thompson & Partners.
Chancery Place

 Charles Street West

Chancery House Flats – Architect Herbert G. Simms.

Ormond Square

The Dublin Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Market

An altered notice shows the Dublin sense of humour

Green Street Courthouse – Architect Whitmore Davis.

St. Michael’s Park

The Trough at Smithfield

Smithfield Market Square (… and the tour) –  McGarry Ni Eanaigh Architects


Custom House – Architect James Gandon

 View from Custom House Quay
The Ulster Bank Building – KMD Architecture

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