My photo is in Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine

Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine



The title says it all really.  I could just leave it at that but I won’t and I’m going to tell you how little ol’ me got my photograph, name and The Life of Stuff into Air Canada’s inflight and online enRoute Magazine. Here it goes;

A few months back I received a really lovely email from a lovely Photograph Researcher from Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. She advised me that they would like to feature the Ha’penny Flea Market in their September issue of enRoute Magazine. She told me that she had seen my blog post on the market, which if you haven’t read, you can read by clicking here and asked if I would supply photographs to her to use in the magazine publication. Of course, it goes without saying, I jumped at the chance. I was told that my name and blog would be credited should they decide to use the images I provided. Well, they did and here it is. How cool is this. May it be the first of many publications! To see it live, visit enRoute’s online magazine, go to City Guides, Dublin, What To Do or just click here. Yay!

Air Canada enRoute Magazine Ha'penny Flea Indoor Market Photo

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