The 7 Secrets of Modern Branding for an Elevated Experience

Secrets of Modern Branding for an Elevated Experience

There are quite a few modern branding secrets no one will tell you. You may be using a few already, but it’s probable you haven’t considered some of the ones mentioned here. From EDI to the correct use of colours there are many aspects of branding that most businesses overlook these days. Just one of them is powerful enough to boost business. However, together, you can forge a solid and reliable branding strategy to attract modern consumers such as Gen-Z.

Modern Branding Secrets for an Elevated Experience - The Life of Stuff

Secrets of Modern Branding #1

Quality Presentation to Modern Customers

It’s all about how customers see your brand. They can tell when you have rushed something, not thought it through, or copied AI! Whether your business operates online or offline, you must invest time and money into making everything look as appealing as possible. For example, imagine how much more luxurious your handcrafted organic soap looks with hang tags that match the design of the soap or your brand packaging. Very simple but very effective!

Secrets of Modern Branding #2

Modern Branding Secrets Includes EDI

While it helps to focus on a demographic for your core audience, you can land a harder brand impact with EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) at your business.

Promoting and delivering EDI in the workplace is an essential aspect of good people management. It’s about creating working environments and cultures where every individual can feel safe and a sense of belonging, and is empowered to achieve their full potential.’

– EDI in the Workplace by CIPD

The power of an EDI solution has never been more ubiquitous, as between 59% and 95% of companies are or will consider expanding EDI. This helps your business stand out as a brand that is tolerant of everyone. Yet care must be taken not to overextend your reach. Some companies are accused of pandering and virtue signaling!

Modern Branding Secrets for an Elevated Experience - Appealing to a Specific Audience

Secrets of Modern Branding #3

Appealing to a Very Specific Audience

Yes, your business should be inclusive of everyone, and this extends to employees. But when it comes to customers, your brand is better served with a specific audience appeal. Most brands do this because they want to appeal to the people who are most likely to interact with the brand and make purchases.

This also extends to how you go about your advertising. Collaborations are ‘crucial for expanding market reach, enhancing brand visibility, and tapping into new audience.’ However it’s important to be mindful about who you collab with when it comes to other brands and celebrities. You might want to tap into a new audience  but you don’t want to alienate your core audience.

Examples of great collaborations include ‘GoPro and Red Bull‘, and ‘BMW and Louis Vuitton.’

Publicity received (you determine whether it’s good or bad) from the likes of the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney fiasco are another story!

Secrets of Modern Branding #4

The Transparency of a Brand

Modern consumers love a transparent brand. Major brands such as Coca-Cola claim to be open, but more often than not, it’s hard to find something honest. This is where your brand can claim an advantage. Actually, be open, honest, and transparent, and people will appreciate it:

  • Determine what your business, such as a lifestyle brand, stands for and use as a guide.
  • Inform employees of every change that will affect the business.
  • Always be clear about where and how materials are sourced.
  • Partner with other transparent brands and logistics operations.
  • Make information easily accessible to customers on your website.

Transparency today is more than stating where you get materials from. Modern customers want brands with trackable records, excellent employee welfare, and respectable business partners.

Modern Branding Secrets for an Elevated Experience - Eco Friendly Practices

Secrets of Modern Branding #5

Eco-Friendly Practices

One of the major topics of contention with modern branding is that of the environment! Major companies are guilty of greenwashing these days, where they over-exaggerate or even outright lie about how their brand affects the environment or the efforts they are making.

Modern consumers will switch to brands that can demonstrate how they are making efforts to reduce their ecological impact. Fairtrade, recycling programs, and even changing packaging will help.

Secrets of Modern Branding #6

The Use of Colour and Modern Branding Secrets

Did you know that colour has a massive impact on how your brand is perceived?

This is pretty important for your website, where most customers are likely to interact. A survey found that 23% of people agree yellow is the worst colour to see on a website.

Colours must represent the brand and the sector. For example, blues and greens, mostly white, appear clean and are therefore used by medical, dental, and health brands. Don’t overlook this crucial step!

Secrets of Modern Branding #7

Beating the Competition

It’s almost guaranteed you will have competition. With so many other brands trying to get customers, how do you beat them?

This is challenging but not impossible. One of the first things you need is SEO. Use on-page SEO, such as keywords, to attract the right audience. And register with Google MyBusiness to take advantage of local SEO. Check out what they are doing, too! Look for trends, copy and improve, and look for gaps they are not covering!

Presenting well to customers with additional luxuries is one of the most overlooked modern branding secrets. A modern brand must also be honest and transparent to attract the right customers. And don’t be afraid to analyse the competition to see what they do right or wrong!

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Modern Branding Secrets for an Elevated Experience - The Life of Stuff

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