Social Media Hurting Your Health? Take Time Away With These 3 Tips

Social Media Hurting Your Health?

Take a Step Back from Social Media with These 3 Tips

Social media is pretty much inescapable these days. Whether you’re dipping into Facebook to catch up with friends, Twitter to check your favourite celebrities or LinkedIn for latest work prospects. Then you add in other sites like Instagram, Pinterest etc., and you can see how hard it is to get away. Sometimes, the constant checking, interacting, seeing other people etc., can be a bit hard. It can have quite the impact on your mental health, which is why it’s important to take a step back into the real world and enjoy your own life. Here are some ways you can do that. Trial and error is the key.

Social Media Hurting Your Health? – Focus On Your Life Events

Move away from social media by focusing on you and your life events. Do you have a job interview coming up? Focus on it. Make it your everything. Perhaps you want to go shopping for diamond engagement rings with your partner and start planning the coming wedding. Do you have children? Are their birthdays coming up or maybe you’re planning a brilliant holiday.

Social Media Hurting Your Health? Take Time Away With These 3 Tips - Focus on Life Events

There’s so much to think about in life, imagine all the time you’re wasting scrolling through social media. What could you do with that time? Put focus on your life events to shift your focus to where it truly belongs. If you don’t have anything major coming, try to get something in the calendar to look forward to. Maybe a festival? Or a city break. Then spend the time researching the city. Just try to get your eyes resting in a non toxic environment.

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Social Media Hurting Your Health? – Is Social Media Your Job?

If you work in or around social media it’s a lot harder to kick the habit. Perhaps you work for a marketing firm. Or maybe you’re an influencer, with thousands of followers and a need to keep this up to protect your income. Well, there are people who can help manage your media accounts, whether you decide to do this full time or just for when you’re having a break is your call but it’s an option which can let you take some time away.

Social Media Hurting Your Health? Take Time Away With These 3 Tips - Is Social Media Your Job

There’s a double pain point here in that staring at social media all day means you’ll end up continuing to do it when you finish work. It’s so easy to just get it up on screen and start going through various streams. If it’s your job, try to keep it to set working hours.

Social Media Hurting Your Health? – Be Disciplined With Your Phone

The phone is what facilitates social media obsession. The amount of time you’re looking at your phone is what’s hurting your health, whether it’s because your eyes are in pain or if you’re suffering mental health issues due to social media effects. Be disciplined. Perhaps you can say that you’ll only check social media from your laptop. It means you won’t check your phone every two minutes. You’ll have to wait. It stops it becoming a constant thing.

Social Media Hurting Your Health? Take Time Away With These 3 Tips - Be Disciplined with your phone

Consider deleting the apps off your phone to avert temptation. If you can get into a healthy habit where you’re only checking it a few times a day you’ll notice you’ll be far more productive in everything else. And you might even find a new passion to put your time into – from baking to gardening, painting to finally learning how to play an instrument.

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