The Most Totally Tropical Popical Nail Bar in Dublin

Tropical Popical, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2

Tropical Popical Dublin 2

Tropical Popical first opened its doors to the public in November 2012. Since their opening they have grown from strength to strength with the help of loyal customers who can’t get enough of the place, good publicity in the form of Pop-Up Nail Bars upstairs in Crackbird and at 9 Crow Street, (the former no longer exists but the later does), Media Attention from the likes of RTÉ, RSVP and but to name a few when they opened their Disco Bar last November and finally from the likes of moi who is going to tell you why you should to get yourself to Tropical Popical for a manicure or pedicure … or both.

Tropical Popical Nail Bar - Pedicures

Inspired by how affordable it was to get both her and her sisters nails ‘did’ over their three month road trip around the US of A, on returning to Dublin, Andrea Horan went about setting up Tropical Popical with the intention of creating a fun, cheerful space where girls and guys can come and get their nails done by the best technicians around but at affordable prices.

Tropical Popical Nail Bar Dublin 2 - Nails

So what makes Tropical Popical different than other Nail Bar in Dublin?

How about I describe my last experience … I was greeted with a smile from Andrea herself. I’d already made a booking. This is something I would recommend to save disappointment and delay to your day or night. I was asked what I wanted to have done. I wasn’t quite sure but with a little inspiration from their huge selection of nail colours and their inspiration board, I was set.

Tropical Popical Nail Bar - Moodboard

I met Jenny my Nail Technician who was really friendly and chatty. We agreed on what I had in mind, a basic mani with nail art on my ring finger nails. I was brought sweeties and lilt in a coconut, fun. Dance music with a hint of the 80’s played in the background, fun. Jenny and I chatted about her involvement in Fashion Photo-shoots and working with designers, fun. I chatted with the customer next to me, who’s pink choice in nail colour was fab and one I’ll consider the next time I visit, fun … and before I knew it I was waiting for my perfectly polished nails to dry.

Tropical Popical - Lilt in a CoconutLooking down at my nails I could already tell it was the best manicure I’d had in a very long time. What was even sweeter is that it cost less than €20! I’ve paid double that in the past to be asked by friends had I done them myself! To round up my experience my manicure lasted well over a week without chipping or splitting, which is great going for black polish … and my nails underneath are in great condition since I removed the polish … and YES I am booking another visit soon.

Tropical Popical - Nail Art

So let me add it up. A fun place to visit, look and sound-wise. Talented and creative staff. Great value for money, with manicures ranging from €7-€35 and pedicures from €9-€45 … sure it is no wonder this place has been such a hit with those in the know and I would consider it a definite jewel in the crown for Style and Beauty in Dublin. 

Tropical Popical - Nail Art Manicure

Whats more, and as I mentioned earlier, Andrea introduced a Disco Bar with a difference. This Bar is a place to come to to have your hair styled and makeup perfected before you head out on the town. It’s open every Thursday and Friday night … and Saturday daytime. Here you’ll be pampered by Jen Quinn who will smooth that fringe, blow out that backcomb or flick your cats eye and again all for very reasonable prices which range from €7-€40 … sweet! … and because it’s a Dry Bar, you don’t even need to get your head wet!

Tropical Popical - Nail Bar Dublin

Andrea herself will tell you that Tropical Popical isn’t the type of place to come to if you’re expecting a ‘spa like’ experience with staff in uniforms and the sound of dolphins singing but I’d beg to differ as this is the type of spa like experience I’d be happy to experience time and time again. It definitely has the stuff of life and with open times until 8pm weekdays, 9pm on Thursdays and open until 6pm on weekends … there is no excuse not to have perfectly manicured nails …

For more information, a full list of treatments inclusive of price lists and for booking, visit the TROPICAL POPICAL website here

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